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Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

Theatrical Poster for Inside Llewyn Davis
Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Inside Llewyn Davis


Inside Llewyn Davis is the newest Coen brothers film to hit the big screen. The movie shows a week in the life of a folk singer/songwriter struggling to find a place for himself in the industry after his partner commits suicide. While the music is beautiful and the acting is good, the script itself is pretty boring.

The soundtrack to this film may be the best thing about it. The first scene draws you in because of it's simplistic nature. It is just Llewyn (Oscar Issac) and his acoustic guitar, performing a song called "If I Had Wings". It is beautiful and you cannot help but want to hear more. Music is what drives the movie, not only because the script centers on a musician cbut because all of the scenes worth watching include performances by the cast. "Please Mr. Kennedy" was even nominated for a Golden Globe this year.

The cast in the film is great. Oscar Issac definitely carries the movie and deserves much more praise for his talent than he normally receives. Carey Mulligan and John Goodman are great as always, but it ia hard to connect to their characters because of the writing. The script never truly goes anywhere. It is just a mundane week in the life of an unahppy man. There is no climax to the story and it ends abruptly as if the Coens simply got bored with trying to figure out Davis' story.

Music lovers should watch this film because of how gorgeous the pieces are, but in all the movie is not the best. Each person in the cast brings life to their roles, but the script does not take their characters to places that allow the audience to get invested in them.