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Review: "Ignite Me"- a thrilling conclusion that will have you wanting more

The final book in the "Shatter Me" series leaves you wanting more
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"Ignite Me" by Tahereh Mafi


Ignite Me is the final book in the thrilling Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. It picks up where Unravel Me and Mafi's novella Fracture Me left off. Juliette is with Warner in his compound and the world thinks she is dead. Juliette is filled with anger and resentment towards Anderson after the wake of his failed attempt to kill her.

Seeking vengeance she enlists the help of Warner and they form an agreement to kill Anderson. But she wants the help of her friends with them. Warner is reluctant at first but agrees because of his feelings for her.

The group begins to train and strengthen themselves to prepare for war, but things get complicated between Juliette, Adam, and Warner. Adam continues to fight for her but Juliette can't fight the pull she has for Warner.

As the story comes to an end we see Juliette stand up for herself as she learns what she is capable of doing and how her abilities are not a curse but a gift to change their world.

Once again, Mafi's novella, Fracture Me, is important to read before reading the final book. Fracture Me is an inside look to Adam's adjustment to life without Juliette and his determination to get her back at any cost. If you don't read the novella, you will be very annoyed with him in Ignite Me because he complains a lot and shows a very dark side of himself that you never thought you would see.

It's refreshing to read a Young Adult series where there is a finality it the ending. Recently, the final book in series have been a let down and leave to many unanswered questions. Yes there are some things that are left to interpretation but the main points have been answered and you get that feeling that everything is going to be ok, because after reading a book series you become attached to the characters. We want to make sure that they will be ok.

Juliette has certainly changed a lot from the first book. She's not the shy, timid girl afraid of her own shadow. She had learned to stand up for herself not only against her enemies, but against the people she cares about, which we all know is harder. She really has come into her own in this story and becomes a strong character for people to follow and inspire.

Though Juliette has changed a lot and is the main character, Warner's development is the most interesting. We all thought he was this monster in Shatter Me but he shows different sides of him and the reason for everything he does. He, truly cares for Juliette and its their relationship that gives Juliette the courage she needs but Warner too.

This is an action packed series that will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. Its a story about believing in yourself and standing up for what's right, no matter what the odds are. The only way you can get change, is to seek it out.

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