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Review: Hemlock Grove Season 2 Finale: Demons and the Dogstar

Where some things end, others begin.
Where some things end, others begin.
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Hemlock Grove Season 2 Finale: Demons and the Dogstar


Some Spoilers for Episodes 9 and 10:

Episode 9 was the best episode of the season. While the finale does a lot of stuff right, it just seems to come up short from Tintypes. With that said, it is still a decent finale and shows the improvements this season has made from the first.

The rogue Order of the Dragon members were absolutely slaughtered in the last episode. Roman, Peter and company are cleaning up the mess of the aftermath. Before you know it, Miranda is lactating blood. That's before the credits even roll.

The whole drug deal thing from the first episode comes to a close. The climax is humorous, but comes out of no where. The story thread has a great set up with the lower level dealers being tortured a few episodes ago. It feels like the writers didn't know how to wrap this up, so they just threw a curve ball to make viewers chuckle.

There are a lot of things going on in this episode, but all of the story lines seem to tie themselves up. The cult is already dead, but the dreams weren't just about the cult. The whole snake vision's meaning is revealed. This gives way to the revelation about Miranda's car accident as well as her medical conditions throughout the season. Everything isn't 100% explained, but you get the gist of what's going on. The orchestrator of it all wasn't totally surprising. The 'main villain' is interesting and portrayed perfectly as seemingly good, but truly devious monster. This scenario gives the series its first new monster type since the first season, but never gives it a name.

Olivia's arc comes to a bloody finale. She is completely rejected by Norman in a brutal conversation about her cancer breaking her body down into a living corpse. This is one of the best parts of the episode. Olivia was truly trying to be a better person this entire season. Her body's break down made her feel more human. She was willing to die to earn her children's respect and Norman's love. The rejection sends her spiraling back to her old ways. This isn't even the major spoiler for Olivia's part in the episode. Two horrible, gory and heart breaking (literally and metaphorically) killings take place in her wake. Who are they? You'll have to see the episode.

Roman and Peter aren't in this episode a ton. This is more about Shelley, Olivia, Norman and, of course, Miranda. Roman at times seems even less emotional than he normally is. He is really concerned about his baby, so other things take a back seat. When he does care about Nadia, it shows, but this is one tiny bit of the episode. There is at least one person who dies that should mean something to him, but he barely skips a beat. Peter's only major part is in connection to the drug boss, but once again, not a very big part of the episode.

Demons and the Dogstar is a solid ending to Season 2. It has good action, heart break, gore and plot twists that might actually catch you off guard. There are performances that weren't as good as earlier, but the good ones make up for it. Olivia takes the spotlight in this episode being in both the best dramatic sequence and well as the best action sequence. At the end of Season 1, a lot of people weren't looking forward to this season, but this season improved on the misgivings of the first enough to make wanting a third season warranted.