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Review: Hemlock Grove (S2E9): Tintypes

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Hemlock Grove (S2E9): Tintypes


Major Spoilers for Episodes 8 and 9

So Peter decides to go after rogue Order of the Dragon by himself to stop the killings. Before he can transform against the moon, he's found out and captured. The Order tortures him for information, which reveals their real target, Nadia, Roman's baby daughter. Peter partially transforms again and escapes.

Norman plans to kill Olivia, but is stopped by his private detective friend. The new Sheriff, who is also connected to the less evil Order of the Dragon, puts the P.I. away to help Norman complete his task.

Shelley says goodbye to her mother, which is heartfelt and sad. Shelley plans on going through with what is basically suicide so her copy can live a normal life. Olivia does have a scene later where she renounces her evil ways, but it seems a little ham handed, but not over the top. This is more of a script problem, but Famke Janssen does a great job as always.

There is a siege on Roman's house at the end of the episode.The action in this scene is awesome, especially for a television series. Peter and Roman are in a scene, both using their powers at the same time. This hasn't happened before, so it's pretty cool seeing Roman biting a bad guy and Peter wolfing out. The CG looks really good for a television series. The wolf was played by an actual wolf last season, but this season the wolf looks bigger and more vicious than a real wolf. Peter's reversion back into human form is beyond gruesome in this episode. The change isn't natural, but you'll have to see for yourself how the situation plays out.

Tintypes is the best episode this season. There are good emotional beats and good acting all around. The action plays out in unexpected ways and the gore effects are top notch. Peter 'turning' back into a human is the best part of the episode other than the climax of the siege. If you see anything from this season, this is the episode to watch.