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Review: Hemlock Grove (S2E7): Lost Generation

Steel thy Shovel
Steel thy Shovel
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Hemlock Grove (S2E7): Lost Generation


Major Spoilers for Episode 6, Minor Spoilers for Episode 7

So in the last episode of Hemlock Grove, Shelley was rescued by her uncle, Norman. She had tried to save a young friend of her's from being beaten by his father, which resulted in two bloody deaths... oops. Peter and Roman finally put aside the past and become friends again. That's all that happened.

Oh wait, there's something missing. There might be the fact that this episode begins with the after math of Peter, Roman and Miranda having group sex! Yeah, that happened. This was done just to be edgy. It doesn't fit in with the rest of Episode 6, at all! It almost feels like something else that happened in another horror based television show. Oh yeah, American Horror Story's second season had a whole sister wife thing, but at least that made sense due to characters disappearing and reappearing. That was just out of the blue. Roman and Peter have given no indication that they were into this sort of thing. The only credit due is that normally when this is done in a show, the genders are reversed. At least the configuration of what happened was original.

The good thing about the beginning of the episode is that both Peter and Roman acknowledging the unexpectedness of the devil's triangle action. The awkwardness doesn't make them skip a beat as they go off on a search for the killers in their dreams.

Shelley is reunited with her family, but Roman tries to push their mother away, again. Shelley spoke for the first time when she saved the boy from being beaten in the previous episode. This has ballooned into full on speech, with some trouble getting her words out. Shelley's new actress' voice was off putting in the emails, but in real life, it fits perfectly. Shelley has a story arc about her deformity that is well written and acted. Dr. Pryce sees her as a daughter, since it's alluded to in the first season that he brought her back as an infant. The resolution of the arc is heartbreaking, though a little confusing on the biology of what transpires.

Norman finds out in a really gross scene that Olivia isn't what she seems (the visit to the wheelchair bound, elderly lady). Not to ruin anything, but you may not see the nastiness coming until it splatters on the wall.

Peter and Roman finally confront some of the killer cult. This sequence is awesome, not to mention Roman gets in on some hard core Shovel Knight action. The end of the episode makes a major change that will no doubt be the main focus of the next episode.

Lost Generation at least acknowledges the odd way the previous episode ended. Shelley and Dr. Pryce's arc could have been the whole episode as interesting as it is. The rest of the episode hits several high notes with action and plot development. All of the emotional beats come from Shelley, who is starting to be, once again, the best thing about this show. This episode might be the best episode of the season thus far.