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Review: Hemlock Grove (S2E6): Such Dire Stuff

This is a solid episode, except for the ending... which is offsetting in a bad way.
This is a solid episode, except for the ending... which is offsetting in a bad way.
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Hemlock Grove (S2E6): Such Dire Stuff


Major Episode 5 Spoilers, Minor Episode 6 Spoilers

After almost eating Miranda, the tattooed house guest, Roman decides to rid himself of his Upirism (vampirism). Dr. Pryce has apparently discovered a process to make this happen, but it needs multiple painful treatments. Peter's mom is free after their interesting and entertaining jailbreak.

Almost anything that can be specifically said about this episode is a spoiler, so vagueness is what you'll get until Episode 7's review. Shelley has a great arc in this episode. Her interference with the little boy she has been spending time with turns out badly. Anyone would understand her reaction and in the end the boy might be better off, but her actions came with a steep price.

The killers are revealed to be a group of men. One of them can't handle what can only be assumed to be his assigned task. His response is pretty gruesome, but typical of the series, in a good way.

There are some heartfelt and emotional moments from almost all of the main cast. Olivia (Famke Jensen aka Jean Grey) is basically human due to Roman's attack. Due to his Upir venom being in her system, her immortality and healing are short circuited. This also causes her emotions to well up. She seems to really care about Roman and her grand daughter, which isn't something she showed in the previous season. Peter and Roman have a moment of resolution, which is great, but is kind of ruined by the end of the episode.

The end of the episode. What is there to say about it? Without spoiling anything, and you'll know it when you see it, the moment at the very end is supposed to be emotional and maybe it is. The act that it alludes to is so out of the blue and distracting, that it sucks the weight of the previous performances out of the episode. That is a pity, because it was shaping up to be a great episode, if not for that ending.

Such Dire Stuff is a good episode. There are solid human moments between characters that the rest of the season has, for the most part, lacked up until this point. The violence has purpose and the gore effects are mostly done practically, which is great. There isn't a lot of werewolfing or vampiring in this episode, but that doesn't take away from the quality. The only problem is that ending. Why? Episode 7's review will have a lot more on this, but why was this needed? You had a tender moment with the baby. You had a rekindling of Peter and Roman's friendship in its entirety. You even had Miranda recite a poem that related to the two characters and tell them what she loves about them. Then that ending happens... ugh. You should see the episode, but prepare yourself for... that.