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Review: Hemlock Grove (S2E5): Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book

The precredits scene is brutal and silly all at once.
The precredits scene is brutal and silly all at once.
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Hemlock Grove (S2E5): Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book


Major Spoilers for Episode 4, Minor Spoilers for Episode 5

In Episode 4, Miranda (tattoo wreck lady) starts to lactate right before discovering Roman's secret daughter. Yes, that might be the most bizarre sentence ever. Miranda is apparently going through changes because... we don't know, at least not in this episode. There is an explanation, but does anyone really buy the slightly abnormal one? Most of us would vote for a yet unrevealed crazy, supernatural, dangerous explanation.

This episode starts with a really intense scene. You realize all is not well after a little bit of gore and then a lot a bit of gore. The intro is really brutal and shows that Roman is constantly fighting his thirst. Peter starts to lose his cool with his mom's lawyer, going as far as to wreck her office in front of her. Peter's forced transformations seem to be the culprit of his tantrums. Peter and Co. try to fix his mom's situation since she probably isn't going to get out of jail.

This episode pushes the masked killer story forward a bit. The killers might be selecting their victims on purpose instead of randomly. There isn't much time for our heroes to figure out the killer subplot since they have several of their own problems. Using the word hero might be a bit strong, since Roman attacked a homeless man to drink his blood in the previous episode. To his credit, Roman is trying really hard to fight the hunger. He goes and has a look at Dr. Pryce's Upir hunger 'solution' that Olivia used in the last episode. We at least get to see what was in the room that made her fulfilled and euphoric.

Also, the naked lady in the tube we see in several other episodes is explained. Some people thought she was a recast Leetha, but no, he seems to not to recognize his not-child's mother/child's second cousin. Shelley makes a short appearance, which may move her story forward by the next episode (hopefully).

Roman sends Miranda to a doctor to have her... condition checked out. The doctor in the scene acts like a real family doctor. This may be something odd to point out, but a lot of family doctors are very personable and really nice. This isn't something that is emulated very often, so it's nice to see it done perfectly here. Though it might be a ruse and he might really be an evil doctor.

This episode is decent. The Linda in jail subplot may just be tied up. Peter going psycho in his lawyers office is a little jarring. The intro is a lot of jarring and then over the top, but actually relevant to Roman's character development. The ending is really odd; not in a gross way, but in a way that isn't referenced in the rest of the episode. It makes sense, except for Roman screaming about bird sounds, which might be referenced in a later episode? The intro alone makes this episode worth watching.