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Review: Hemlock Grove (S2E4): Bodily Fluids

Don't mess with the drug dealer's boss... just don't.
Don't mess with the drug dealer's boss... just don't.
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Hemlock Grove (S2E4): Bodily Fluids


Major Spoilers for Episode 3, Minor Spoilers for Episode 4

So to bring you up to speed, Jean Grey the Upir... err... Olivia Godfrey, had been having an affair with her dead husband's brother for a while. At the end of Season 1, he left his wife for Olivia. Norman's ex-wife, Marie, confronts Olivia at the end of Episode 3, where she calls Olivia a horrible person, not knowing she is a form of vampire. Right before the credits, we see Marie, dead with her throat slashed. Well, don't try to dress down an upir, because, they'll eat you.

Peter goes to the Gone Sis location to find Roman there too. Apparently they're both having similar dreams about the masked cult killers. Roman and Peter seem to make amends, more or less, as they both see something horrible coming.

Peter is confronted by the drug dealers he tricked in Episode 1. He is forced to partially transform on the wrong moon again to dish out some pain. He doesn't kill them and even helps one with a frozen bag of peas. He's such a considerate lycanthrope. Peter was warned by his cousin, Destiny, that he could turn into a Vargulf by turning at the wrong time. A Vargulf is basically an insane killer werewolf that kills for pleasure (the villain from Season 1). Peter's body is also starting to show signs of damage.

The dealers also get punished by their boss. If you think you know where things are going at the beginning of the confrontation, then you'll be surprised. The dealer's boss is a creepy character. You do not want to cross him, especially if you're a guy, if that gives you a clue on the way he tortures the dealers.

Roman starts to have a lot of trouble controlling his hunger. He lashes out at this employees (which gets him in a little HR trouble). He is constantly thinking about feeding. Hopefully at some point he will talk to Peter about it, because they both have similar problems. Maybe they can help each other, but it isn't touched upon here.

This episode is just... weird. That is the best way to describe it. There is a scene with Shelley and the kid who's taking care of her. While the last episode's interaction was endearing, this one is creepy and brings up questions about Shelley's physiology. The scene at the end of the episode is also bizarre. There will undoubtedly be explanations for what happens in the precredits scene, but if there isn't, it will just be odd.

This episode has a lot of plot development. There are gruesome moments as well as character conflicts. There are some bizarre things, but it doesn't take away from the overall episode. This episode is almost as good as the first episode of the season, which as the middle of seasons go, is expected. It is worth your time, especially for the dealer torture scene.