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Review: Hemlock Grove (S2E2): Gone Sis

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Hemlock Grove (S2E2): Gone Sis


Major Spoilers for Episode 1, Minor Spoilers for Episode 2

So at the end of the first episode we find out that Roman and Leetha's cousin-inbred vampire baby is alive and well. Roman is keeping his daughter in a double locked room in his house that literally has the word 'HOME' on it. Having the word HOME on his new house is kind of funny in an ironic way, but only kind of.

This episode has some exposition about Peter the werewolf's visions that seem to have something to do with the serial killer in Hemlock Grove. The side story of the serial killer is still only a tiny bit of the episode. We find out there is a now another masked killer, who is reading something in a weird language before noticing a passersby, who meets a relatively gruesome end.

Roman is feeding off the dregs of society while not killing them (who doesn't call the cops for some reason after his crazy John customer... oh that's why). He also picks up a non-human source of blood. Roman's mom, Olivia, tries to teach him about the hunger, but he really hates his mom. Jean Gr... er.. Olivia has a little ominous dialogue with Dr. Pryce without revealing anything. Also Dr. Pryce finds out he's getting sued by Norman, Leetha's dad, for her death during childbirth.

Also a girl with several piercings(oh you don't see that many... wait until the end of the episode... wink) and tattoos gets in a wreck and ends up living with Roman. Roman, who is pretty creepy anyway, becomes even creepier by the end of the episode.

This episode is pretty uneventful. The intro, the Destiny and Peter scene, and the garroting are the highlights, but it pales in comparison to the first episode. The special effects are even on a lesser level. Every show has episodes like this to fill in gaps in the plot, but if it were a little more suave, they could have fit some action or character conflicts from another episode and moved some of the exposition to that said episode. Obviously if you're watching this on Netflix (which is the only way to watch it at the moment), you'll watch all of the season. Though, skipping this episode wouldn't be that big of a deal.