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Review: Gravity Park in Albuquerque

Gravity Park


Albuquerque has a couple trampoline places in Albuquerque, including Cool Springz and Gravity Park. When comparing the two, Cool Springz was definitely bigger with much more space to jump. However, the prices were a lot higher than that of Gravity Park. In the end we decided to go with Gravity Park since they were having a deal that on a weekday kids under 6 years old pay $8 and their parents jump free, if you go between 10 am and 11 am. They recommend going 15 minutes early as they start on the half hour and if you come late, you loose jumping time from that hour. They had us sign a waiver and then we got a discount of $1/off for each person by checking in to Facebook.

Gravity Park trampolines, foam pits, obstacle courses
Esperanza Dodge

Although I didn't jump after all, the kids did and they had a blast. We started off in the general jumping area which consists of long trampolines all fit together and punching bags hanging from the ceiling for those who want to aim for touching one while jumping. It's a free for all jumping area with a large space for everyone to have fun in. In this area is a high basketball hoop in the corner for taller people to play with. Off to the side was a smaller room that had a jumping space with lots of balls on the floors. All the kids were hitting one another with the balls, kind of like dodge ball but without any rules. Next to this little room was a foam pit that you can jump off a trampoline into to swim around in. By the time the kids did these three areas, they were hot and sweaty. There are cold drinks for sale in vending machines.

Next to the lockers is an obstacle course that was also a foam pit. It had courses such as a tightrope, columns to climb, a rope to swing on, monkey bars and more. The rule was only one kid per obstacle course. The kids enjoyed this space more than the regular foam pit because there was actually activities to do. All over the park were couches for parents to sit on but were so low to the ground that it felt like a doll house. Overall the kids had a great time. My only concern is that both younger kids and older kids jump together, which can be dangerous, especially in the dodge ball area where some of the teens would hit toddlers hard with balls. The referee employers don't really do much but whistle. We'd likely go again and take advantage of one of their discount hours, utilizing the $1/off face-book check-in discount.