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Review: Gorgeous Exhibition at SF’s Asian Art Museum

Art Exhibition at Asian Art Museum


Only about a few weeks left to venture to San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum to check out the exhibition Gorgeous. This is the conjunction with works from the San Francisco Museum of Modern art (SFMOMA), and for those who do visit the exhibition, will be in for quite a treat.

Of course, the exhibition is known for begging the question of how does one define the term “gorgeous”, whether it comes to either viewing art or just in general. And it seems to have made good on doing that, as there were so many works that simply begged the question. This was definitely true, when it came to works that have been highly regarded in various books on art history. One of those works was Jeff Koons’ Michael Jackson & Bubbles, which happened to be life-size and was amazing to see it in all of it’s golden glory.

Another notable work in Gorgeous was Yasumasa Morimuma’s Portrait, which could either be a spoof or a tribute to Edouard Manet’s famous and controversial work Olympia, which is perhaps a good thing, as it does keep the viewer on it’s toes, of determining what was the motive of the work, especially when the confrontation and awkward atmosphere seemed right on point. Other notable works in the exhibition includes the glittery but drippy Strut by Marilyn Minter, Andy Warhol’s 2 Jackies, and two truly famous works from SFMOMA; Janine Antont’s Lick & Lather, and Mark Rothko’s No. 14.

Finally, another feature was the interviews taken all over San Francisco, which was interesting to watch, as it gave so many definitions of what the term ‘gorgeous’ could be. The exhibition is on until September 14th.