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Review: "Frozen" Blu-ray is worth melting for

Frozen Blu-ray


2013’s biggest film, Disney’s Oscar-winning hit “Frozen,” has already entered over 3 million homes, as announced by the studio on March 19. There’s no denying that the film is a worldwide sensation, and for good reason. Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” “Frozen” is remarkably well-written and full of sing-along after sing-along. As a film, it's undeniably five stars. That being said, is this Blu-ray worth a purchase?

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"Frozen" is as beautiful as ever on Blu-ray. The animation pops in high definition, with incredible clarity provided to even the smallest details in the film. Both the video and audio quality are top-notch, providing the best look and sound possible for home media until 4K becomes standard. It's the areas beyond the film where this release comes into question.

Dubbed a “Collector’s Edition” by Disney, the “Frozen” Blu-ray combo pack includes the film on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as a digital copy. Somewhat disappointingly, this particular release includes only a handful of extras.

The original theatrical short film “Get A Horse!” leads the pack. Nothing new there. “The Making of Frozen” is a three minute song and dance that provides none of the insight implied by its name.

The feature that follows, “D’Frosted: Disney’s Journey from Hans Christian Andersen to Frozen,” actually does take a look at the original intent to bring Andersen’s fairy tales to the world of Disney. The feature includes some interesting comparisons between Andersen’s short story, legendary animator Marc Davis’ unbuilt attraction “The Enchanted Snow Palace,” and what ended up becoming “Frozen.”

Four deleted scenes, each with introductions from directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, pack in a few ideas that ultimately didn’t mesh with the final product. Also included are music videos for the end credits version of “Let It Go” in English, Spanish, Italian, and Malaysian, and the original teaser trailer for “Frozen.”

Debuting solely on 2D Blu-ray and DVD in the US, it seems inevitable that “Frozen” will eventually see release as a 3D combo pack. Fans can only hope that such a release also includes a feature length commentary and some additional extras to actually earn the “Collector’s Edition” moniker provided to this almost barebones release. Given the incredible quality of the film itself, though, it’s impossible to give any recommendation other than to buy it and begin watching immediately. Just be prepared to buy it again down the line.

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