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Review from My French Film Festival: 'Kiki of Montparnasse' (2012)

Alice Prin or Kiki de Montparnasse
Wikimedia Commons

Kiki of Montparnasse


The short film "Kiki of Montparnasse" is currently being shown at the festival, "My French Film Festival." The movie is about Kiki, who was a model, painter, press cartoonist, and a cabaret singer in the early 20th century. Her real name is Alice Prin.

The short film about her was directed by Amelie Harrault. The film is an animated movie that is about 14 mins and 27 secs.

The animation of the film is quite charming and perfect for the subject matter. For those who want to know and love the world of Ms. Kiki, will enjoy this short. It's a fun movie that takes you back to the 1910s, to the age of artists and authors hanging in the cafes like Hemingway.

Harrault, shows that she is a talented director. Like it's subject matter, the movie is very avant-garde. It's a very artistic movie about a very creative lady.

So overall this charming animated film is five stars. It's the world of Kiki...