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Review: Forever For Now, by LP

Forever For Now, by LP


LP, also known as Laura Pergolizzi, released a brand new studio album. Forever For Now, her third album since her debut in 2001, was published under Warner Bros. Music. The album is a great introduction to the artist, who had a breakthrough in 2004, with her previously studio album, titled "Wasted".

by Amanda Demme
by Amanda Demme
Warner Bros. Music

All of the tracks on the album were co-written by the artist. The fact is not surprising, since she has written "Love Will Keep You Up All Night" for Backstreet Boys, "Beautiful People" performed by Christina Aguilera for Burlesque, "Cheers (Drink To That" with Avril Lavigne and released by Rihanna, and songs for the latest albums by Cher, Leona Lewis, Cher Lloyd, Karmin, The Veronicas and Rita Ora.

"Heavenly Light" starts the album on such a great note, it is difficult to fathom how amazing is the entire album. But it is. The track builds beautifully, as LP's voice matches the momentum with speed and vocal accuracy. The true treat of the track, is its lyrical content. The song discusses, without preaching, the course of humanity. 'In and outta doors/ In and outta wars/ Don't know what they're for/ In and outta cars/ Feeling kinda lost/ Looking for the cause'.

The album dives into "Night Like This" which begins with a great clap and drumming combination, that later builds into vocal tututu tutu's. Although the instrumentals are mellow, they are not simple. They are arranged so eloquently taking into consideration all of the rhythmic details and the singer's vocal ability. The track, like the following "One Last Mistake", are exquisitely written about love, and the social tendencies to becoming enamored.

"Tokyo Sunrise" is an atmospheric ode to ever-lasting emotion. The singer croons the fact that love does not end, it simply transcends, or transforms. 'My love is never gone away/ It's gonna come around someday'. The loving notion extends into "Salvation".

"Your Town" has a radio-friendly crescendo which is catchy and emotional. "Free To Love" discusses mediocrity as a guitar riff takes over. "Levitator" is not extremely deep, but its chorus is hyper and memorable.

"Someday" is sweet with very ethereal vocals. Her voice vibrates and shakes through each verse. "Savannah" is another strong, radio-friendly track. In it she belts 'No one has ever brought me there/ I know I wasn't true/ I can't escape it anywhere/ Savannah'.

"Into The Wild" has a beautiful whistle harmony as she sings 'Somebody left the gate open/ you know we got lost on the way/ Come save us runaway train gone insane'. "Forever For Now" also has a hauntingly beautiful whistling opening. The gorgeous song brings it back to an intense musical ride full of present vocal notes and meaningful instrumentals.

The lyrical matter may appear to be redundant when acknowledging all the mentions of love, but the verses truly are their own strength. Not to mention that the vocals make this so distinctive, it begs the question: why is LP not heard everywhere?

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