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Review for U.S. Colleges of Riverside, CA - Certified Phlebotomy Technician I

Accredited Phlebotomy Training Program


Universal Schools & Colleges of Health & Human Services; 2023 Chicago Avenue, Suite B-1, Riverside, CA 92507, (951) 784-4466 or (800) 405-4872

U.S. Colleges of Riverside

I attended US Colleges of Riverside Phlebotomy Program in 2009, and I received my State of California Phlebotomy Certification - CPT 1 License. The training was of great interest to me, because I enjoy being a Phlebotomist. And this Phlebotomy Program is legitimate and not a scam like some phlebotomy schools that people have attended. This school is actually an "Accredited" program for Phlebotomist.

U.S. Colleges of Riverside was very helpful for me in obtaining a "State of California Phlebotomy Certification License" CPT 1. The duration of the Phlebotomy class runs for 80 hours (4 weeks).

While I was in attendance, my instructor was Alan Butler; never a dull moment with this instructor. Unless the instructor was showing the class one of those bio-hazard videos; that's when the sleepiness sneaks in.

This school is helpful for anyone wanting to obtain a State of California Phlebotomy Certification License - CPT1. The phlebotomy book given by the school is mainly studied in your own time, as homework. Most of the homework is self-motivated; there are not enough hours in this course to study the phlebotomy book in class. Unless you’re at school earlier than most students, then you have a little time to study your phlebotomy book.

Most of the class hours are spent:

  • Taking tests
  • Studying text book
  • Drawing blood - Venipuncture
  • Finger punctures
  • Observing our classmates drawing blood and critiquing
  • Listening to the instructor's stories about his phlebotomy experiences

Phlebotomy students must have perfect attendance; the details are on the policy sheet. The homework should be done one to two hours a day, for reading and studying; this is crucial to passing the class successfully.

After completing the Phlebotomy course, there will be an externship. The externship is an on-the-job experience; it is hands-on with the patients. This was the most exciting part for me, interacting with the patients. You will learn quite a bit from the public and their needs. I did a great job at my externship site. I completed 75 venipunctures (blood draws) on my externship. Although it was required to complete only 50 venipunctures; I wanted to go the extra mile. Besides, Phlebotomy is the type of work I enjoy performing.

Finally, when the CPT 1 Phlebotomy course and externship is finished; you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate will state that you fulfilled requirements of:

  • 10 patient skin punctures
  • 20 hour of basic didactic
  • 50 patient venipunctures
  • 20 hours of advanced didactic
  • and 40 hours of practical phlebotomy training

Some of The Potential Employment Opportunities, After Training at U.S. Colleges of Riverside:

  1. Health Insurance Biller
  2. Medical Biller
  3. Health Insurance Claims
  4. Hospital Admissions
  5. Medical Record Clerk
  6. Medical Assistant

And there are many more potential employment opportunities, stated in U.S. Colleges of Riverside's brochure. Also for more details on this school you can contact U.S. Colleges of Riverside, 2023 Chicago Avenue, Suite B-1, Riverside, CA 92507, (951) 784-4466 or (800) 405-4872. You can ask about information on morning, evening, afternoon class, or anything you have questions about.

Do you remember the "Order of Draw for Blood Tubes," and the required test for each blood tube?  

Note that the red top blood tube doesn't contain an "additive." The red top blood tube is used for "testing:" electrolytes, lipid panel, hepatic function, digoxin, bilirubin, and HCG - pregnancy.

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© Sabrina A.K.


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