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Review for the Working World: Enemy Front

Oh man! That was an awesome kill!
Oh man! That was an awesome kill!
Taken of Steam by Brett Deister

Enemy Front, pc game, fps, multiplayer


In the late 90s early 2000s World War 2 games were everywhere. Every studio and publishers were trying to make the next great World War 2 game. The problem was, gamers got sick and tired of it. It was the same story told in my different ways, but the end result was still the same. The Allies won. That was the end. People knew this. Once Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out, developers and publishers are now trying to make the best modern FPS game. The trend continues, but, Enemy Front brings us back to a familiar place. World War 2 is back! Let's see if it's any good.

It's the title!
Taken off of the Enemy Front website

Gameplay, Story, and Writing:

The story follows Robert Hawkins. A report trying to get the big scoop on the war. His travels lead him through most of war-torn Europe. He starts off in France, goes to Norway, and ends up in Poland. It is a good history lesson on the war, but, the drama falls flat. Ci games, tries to bring a grand heroic theme with this character, but does little to show it pays off. The character starts off as being selfish, and the story does little to show he has learned much. They forgot to have any kind of development with this character. They may have had some, but it is so hidden from the player it really does not matter. I really did not care if my character lived or died through this war. To be honest, I wish he had died. His sacrifice would at least given some arc to this one sided character. The story is the same. The Allies won the war. If I spoiled it for you, you must have slept through history class. There was no kind of emotional attachment to even care. It would have been better to have a faceless character than Hawkins.

The gameplay was stuck in the 90s. This game could be played with running and gunning. There was little to any incentive to go stealth. I rarely felt a challenge. There was one thing that really bothered me though. Enemy Front took a game mechanic from the Sniper series, and put it in here. I'm talking about the slow-motion bullet camera. The one where you shoot someone and the camera pans to the bullet going slow until it hits the target. In the Sniper series they had x-ray vision so the player saw what damage it did. In Enemy Front, it just notified the player that the bullet did indeed hit the target. I was very confused on why they put this in. It really had no reason to be there, and took away from the gameplay. Even when I triggered it, I never knew why it was doing it in one instance, but another time it would not trigger. It made no sense, and I think the developer just put it in to put it in. It would have been better for them to leave it out. The rest of the gameplay was fine. There were so many ammo crates, I don't think any player would be without any ammo. There were a few times you would run low on ammo, but it was never very often. The one thing that bugged me, was I could not change holding down the mouse button to aim down the crosshair to toggle. I have no idea why this was not in the options, but I was annoyed by this. Going stealth seemed useless, since most of the time the enemy was brainless. Unfortunately, the friendly AI is also brainless. Some may accompany you on missions, but, they rarely kill anyone and leave everything to you. Most missions revolve around holding a position or getting from point A to point B. There are some search and destroy missions. From time to time there will be secondary missions along the way. One was to rescue prisoners from the prison camp. It was similar to the main missions, a point A to point B.

During the missions there were objects highlighted, but sometimes I didn't know why. It was a head scratcher at times. Most of the time you could just completely ignore them. The gameplay was just what everyone can expect from a typical first person shooter. The developer brought nothing new to the table.

Graphics and Sound:

Enemy Front uses the Creek Engine. It's a great engine and can sport some pretty fantastic visual. However, none of that is made into this game. The loading screen has better visual than the actual game
Everything looks drab. The visual cues from the loading screen seem muted. Even on high it does not seem to bring out the visual hi fidelity that the Crytek Engine can muster. There were some great scenic views, but most graphic engines can do that these days. The character models looked outdated. It was something that should have been released at the height of World War 2 shooters was popular.

The sound did its job. There was nothing to set it apart from the rest of the shooters. The guns sounded realistic and the voice actors did their job to the best of their abilities. Explosion sounds were nice and crisp. The bullets ricocheting off walls sounded believable.


This was your standard multiplayer. There was Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and team Deathmatch. I had problems getting into a game most of the time. The game would time out and I would have to start over again. When I did get into one it was not that fun. There is no bullet detection system in place. That means I have no idea if I am hitting my opponent. That made for a incredibly difficult confrontation. Most of the skirmishes were summed up by a miraculous head shot. Some bullets would fly and then someone would die. There is no warning and it makes it almost seem like cheating. I could barely stand a half hour of playing the multiplayer.

The big problem was the saved options. There was no way to save your filters in what type of game you are looking for. Every time I got out of a game, I had to go back into the filter menu and click on the same options I did before. The mulitplayer is not worth it and should be avoided.

Is It Worth It?

This is a game not worth it. The amount of frustration I had, it was not enjoyable at all. The mutliplayer is not fun and confusing. The voice acting is ok, but the writing is terrible. They tried too hard to be this epic first person shooter, and it fell flat. The campaign has its moments, but I would recommend just buying the old World War 2 shooters. My only recommendation is to wait for a sale.

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