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Review for Eric Wong's Hip Flexibility Solution

Eric Wong's Hip Flexibility Solutions


You can go almost anywhere is society today and see it. We are a society plagued with tight hip muscles. Whether it is the kids hunched over an ipad at the doctor's office, students typing out their essays at coffee shops, or your butt reading this article, we have a serious epidemic going on. I know from personal experience. Being a lifetime martial artist, its one of my biggest weaknesses. I have excuses, tight hips just seem to run in my family. I have a father with a full hip replacement, as well as an older brother with a partial, and he is only in his thirties. So whatever genetic vulnerability exists in my family, it has always caused me great concern. Teaching martial arts has always been my living, and although I have a back-up plan, its just that, a plan B, not something I want to do for a living. So after reading popular books like Stretching Scientifically, Ultimate Flexibility, Pain Free, and getting help from instructors I know, I still have tight hips. I decided to look elsewhere when on Black Friday my back went out on me. This was obviously not a good sign as I am still in my mid twenties! That's when i received an email for a program from a colleague of Bob Dorris, the guy I bought the submission dummy from.

Eric Wong does not promise you amazing changes in flexibility, although he does state that those changes are possible. Instead he promises an effective means for anyone, despite your problems in the past trying to improve your hips, to quickly and methodically improve your strength and mobility, thus improving your functionality. I was excited.

Eric Wong breaks down what your hips need into 9 areas which I will go over briefly. Now I had been introduced to several of the things in Eric's program before. Things like PNF stretching and myofascial release were not new to me. I had been using things like this before to help improve my flexibility and recover faster from workouts (even if it is just placebo). Still, he implemented both of these things in ways I had not thought of doing before, using dumb bells to aid in releasing my tight psoas muscle, and different ways to use elastic bands to mobilize my joints as well as my muscles. He includes two easy breathing exercises to ensure you know how to relax and get the most out of your stretching. A strength program that is easy to follow and implement into your rest days, as well as new warm-ups and core exercises to add into your normal weight training. The guy had literally thought of everything.

Another interesting facet of the program introduced to me for the first time was scouring. Scouring seems to be a way to help mitigate scar tissue that has developed over time on your muscles and joints. I had tried DDP Yoga and had seen him do something like this for knee pain, but never for my hips. I had to say I can definitely feel a difference, especially in my tight left hip muscles that lock up if I sit for too long. This combined with the incredible gains I received from being able to get lower in my squat for dead lifts really made the program worth it. I loved being able to gauge the increase in strength.

So the Pro's of the program:

+Very easy to implement instructions that get you into the whole routine after 4 weeks

+Online access that you can use your phone and other smart devices to access the webpage

+The quick start guide had me implementing the stretches in less than an hour

+He references where you obtained the knowledge so you can follow up and learn more for yourself

+Cheap for a program that teaches so much about your hips

Con's of the program:

-You need outside equipment not included in the program

-Despite the easy implementation, it will take you at least an extra 2 hours to do all the extra stuff a week, although a regular workout routine will cut that time in half.

So there you have it, if you regularly suffer from tight hips, struggle doing kicks in your style, want to lift more in your squat or dead lift, or maybe even have a hard time after workouts with extra stiffness and pain, this is for you!

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