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Review: "Fighting to Forget" - two broken souls come together to try and heal

Two broken souls with broken pasts come together and use love to try and heal

Fighting to Forget by JB Salsbury


In the third book of The Fighting series by JB Salsbury, we follow and Mac/Gia as they try and come back from their troubled past and try and form a relationship with one another. They had grown up in the same foster home where Rex had to endure the worst kind of pain in his life.

Flash forward fourteen years later. Rex is now a MMA fighter with Jonah and Blake who is trying to make a name for himself. He start to get to know the bartender, Mac, and finds himself feeling things he’s never felt before and feels some kind of connection to her.

Mac is trying to rebuild her life and move on from her troubled childhood. She starts to reconnect with Rex and quickly sees that there is more going on with him then he lets on.

When Rex learns the truth that Mac is really Gia, he is heartbroken and wanting her out of his life. He soon sees that Gia had reasons for doing what she did and that there is more to her story then he thought. He goes on a journey to get her back, determined not to let anything keep her from him.

What happened to Rex and Gia in this story was a bit hard to read and take in. While Salsbury never really goes into full detail about what happened to Rex, she uses subtle lines and sentences to get the point across.

The torture past of Rex is ever apparent and you can feel the pain he’s had to endure and how hard that he is working to get through it. Salsbury is able to capture that tortured part of his soul and really depict a man struggling with his past and trying to move on with his life. A few scenes were hard to read, but essentially to fully appreciate Rex’s road to recovery.

Unlike the first two books, there isn’t a whole lot of sex/romance scenes. Salsbury really focused on the story and showing how hard it is for Gia and Rex to get over their pasts. Even the few sensual scenes, were tortured and painstakingly slow. They weren’t forced and really depicted how hard it was for them to connect, even though they wanted to.

The best part about this series is how Salsbury is able to connect all the stories together. Yes, there may be a different hero/heroine in each book, but there is an underlying story that links all these stories together.

Rex and Gia are beautifully broken and it’s beautiful how these two souls come together and try and heal one another. This is perhaps the most gripping and heartbreaking story in The Fighting series. Salsbury has shown that she is great at writing beautifully broken characters as they try an deal with some pretty dark things. But like her other story, Salsbury shows that love can not only conquer all, but it can fix the broken parts of our heart and soul.

Fighting to Forget is available as paperback and e-book and is rated 18+ for language, sexual content, and dark themes.

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