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Review: Fargo’s ‘The Heap’

Lester gets a stern talking to from the widow Hess
Lester gets a stern talking to from the widow Hess
courtesy of FOX

Fargo - The Heap


Fargo on FX returns Tuesday night (June 3rd) with some pretty crazy stuff in the episode entitled “The Heap”. While Molly (Allison Tolman) deals with personal affronts at work trying to close the case, Lester (Martin Freeman) gets himself a new suit and becomes a new man. But in Fargo nothing is ever that easy is it?

Actually, it could be.

**SPOILERS follow**

The show by Writer/Executive Producer Noah Hawley continues to impress as it barrels down the tracks down to a conclusion that… at this point, I’m not sure many are 100% sure of. While we would figure it would reflect the ending of the original Fargo by the Cohen Brothers, this has been anything BUT that, at least until they jump ahead to do a ‘One Year Later’ and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. Hawley’s Fargo is just as engaging and in fact more so due to the rich and surreal tapestry that the characters diverge and dissect.

The biggest surprise for myself was the fact that FBI agents Budge (Jordan Peele) and Pepper (Keegan-Michael Key) are not just cameos from last week’s episode. I didn’t follow any news stories, so was taken back a bit to see them show up again in this episode, and I have a feeling they will somehow converge into further episodes leading to the finale.

The One Year Later into the episode is quite good and a daring twist, and one that as I said, has hints of the Cohen’s original film. The biggest nods to the film in FX’s Fargo is the simple fact that Gus is no longer a police officer and is now a postman, and is married to Molly who is pregnant. The slight differences are that by episode’s end, “The Heap” reveals Lester is re-married, and is now the alpha-dog, at least, until, he sees a sight from his past, one that makes Lester revert to his old self in seconds; Malvo.

Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) continues to delight with a terrifying performance as the cold-blooded killer who before the One Year Later is on a Sherman-like march to the sea. I say that as in Mavlo believes in almost no stone unturned and torched or in this case, very much dead, at least unless something he feels serves a larger purpose. As is the case with Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard), is something that could be foreshadowing his new partner in crime, or, as he states (and I paraphrase) to allow him to die or kill himself on his own terms.

While we don’t know if Wrench did that or possibly took up with Malvo, we do know that like Lester, Malvo has reinvented himself. But to what end? To what purpose? Could the normal film plot kick in here, with Malvo’s new partner Mr. Wrench kidnapping Lester’s wife and proceeding from there until it crashes down around him?

With the way Fargo has gone up to this point, it is difficult to say; Hawley has been wonderful at keeping us as viewers guessing with what is an amazingly difficult job; you have in your head the original film Fargo, and then you have something similar in tone but quite different in a lot of ways, but still uniquely familiar. So what then? Hawley’s vision has been superb this far, and one hope it continues until the end.

In the end, FX’s Fargo continues to impress with “The Heap” with what could be a cheap gimmick but is handled quite masterfully and still keeps you at the edge of your seat.

FARGO can be viewed on FX, which for Time Warner customers is Channel 64 and Insight Communications customers is Channel 76 respectively.

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