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Review: Fable Anniversary

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Fable Anniversary


Following in the footsteps of 2011’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Microsoft and along with mainstay Fable developers, Lionshead, have decided to spruce up and overhaul the original game in honor of its 2004 release with updated visuals, graphics and voice acting, but do we need to re-visit Albion?

If you’re someone who never quite got around to playing the original Fable, or The Lost Chapters, or Fable II or III, the series is primarily about a character who along a period of time goes from a peasant or orphan into a hero or king, or maybe a villain or tyrant depending on the choices you make in the games -- An intriguing and original idea that was expanded upon with the subsequent and somewhat flawed sequels. Now, you experience the typical RPG open world -- Go from place to place, start quests, fight random enemies and gain experience, locate hidden items, depending on your choices you can be either good or bad, and either will have various effects on the games narrative, as well as how people treat you.

For the most part, I really did enjoy re-playing this game with updated features. I still think this is the best Fable game, and Lionshead did a serviceable job bringing the game into a world where 2004 can seem like a lifetime ago. Because of the fact the feels like it’s 10 years old, it can be somewhat frustrating have to have certain gameplay mechanics pursuit due to technical limitations at the time. Such as loading screens when entering and leaving areas and save points that aren’t really save points, but these aren’t enough to deter the game completely.

All in all, Fable Anniversary is well worth a return trip to Albion. It's a respectable restoration of a great game and loaded with 60 hours of content, even if the game feels trapped in 2004 -- And including Fable: The Lost Chapters along with the original game was a smart move, as people would’ve been asking why it exactly wasn’t.

(A copy of the game was provided for review purposes)