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Review: Eco Tools pure complexion facial sponge

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Eco Tools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge


I received the Eco Tools pure complexion facial sponge free in my Vow VoxBox. Gotta admit, I didn’t care for the Eco Tools cleansing sponge when I first found it in my VoxBox. My first thoughts on it were how I don’t need it since my current cleansing routing has been working just fine, how this will be an unnecessary expense, and finally, how I just wouldn’t like it. Boy was I wrong.

I start off the day washing my face with Clean & Clear Morning Busts, using only my hands, water and a washcloth to dry off. This was enough to start my face off clean and fresh – or so I thought, but my skin was hiding some ugly dirty secrets. When I first used the Eco Tool sponge, I put the regular amount on it that I would on my hands. I found that it was way too soapy and made note to use less cleanser next time (more on this later).

The sponge felt really soft on my face and I noticed that the sponge was removing makeup! As in makeup leftover from the day before, even though I had watched my face at night. This didn’t use to happen, when I dried my face I didn’t find any makeup stains on the washcloth – had I not been cleaning my face properly? Gross. My face finally felt and looked fresh. So there goes my first doubt – do I need it? Yes.

Second – an unnecessary expense. Well, it’s just about $6 bucks, and it says to replace it every couple of months. And thanks to it, I’m saving on cleanser! I use twice as less thanks to the sponge maximizing my cleanser. Unnecessary expense? No, on the contrary, it saves me money.

Finally, do I like it? Heck yes. Thanks VoxBox! I highly recommend this.