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Review:“Design Rollers” and “Washable Ink Pads” by Lakeshore Learning Materials

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"Design Rollers" by Lakeshore Learning Materials (plus a bonus review of "Washable Ink Pads" set)


Lakeshore Learning Materials is a children’s toy and game company that is renowned for offering top quality products that are both entertaining and educational. Lakeshore Learning Materials has an impressive collection of art-themed merchandise and among the company’s many artistic products is a set of “Design Rollers.”

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The Design Rollers is a stamping kit that comes with six easy grip rollers. Each roller is comprised of a colorful handle and a stamping wheel. All a child has to do to use the rollers is press the wheel down into ink (or craft paint) and then roll it onto paper. A perfect pattern will instantly be created each and every time. In order to give children an array of creative options, each of the six rollers has a different pattern: stars, swirls, starbursts, bubbles, oval rings, and scales. Best of all, the rubber rollers are easy to clean. Simply wash them with soap and water and they will be ink free and ready to use with a new color!

In order for me to test this product properly I was also sent a set of five “Giant Washable Ink Pads” in the colors red, orange, green, blue and purple (pastel shades are also available). The ink pads come in a pack of five and are sold separately from the Design Rollers. The rollers were extremely easy to use and they picked up the pattern of the ink perfectly. Unfortunately, the ink quality left a lot to be desired. It failed to properly cover the sheets of paper and this resulted in a vague and disappointing image. The ink pads did not match the performance of the Design Rollers however they would be quite satisfactory for a normal pressing stamp. Hence, if you intended to buy the ink pad set do not expect for it to work accordingly with the Design Rollers. The rollers also worked well when they were dipped in regular craft paint so it is possible to use these rollers without having the jumbo sized ink pads. As promised, both the rollers and the ink were easy to wash and clean which is a particularly handy feature for a product intended for children as young as three.

The Lakeshore Design Rollers sells for $16.99. Considering that all six rollers are included in the set and the high quality of the rollers promises that they will be long-lasting, the price is not unreasonable. All in all the Design Rollers were very easy to use and produced interesting visual results. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in teaching children about art and suggest that these rollers, although intended for children, could also be somewhat helpful to professional artists who make patterns in their paintings or drawings. Overall I give the Design Rollers 5/5 stars.

Each Giant Washable Ink Pad sells for $5.99 or $26.99 for a set of five. Considering that the ink does not work effectively with the rollers I would not suggest purchasing the ink pads to use with them. Yet the ink pads are pigmented enough to work well with traditional stamps and so they would be valuable to anyone who wished to buy them for those purposes. Therefore, I give the Giant Washable Ink Pad set 2/5 stars.

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