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Review: Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah' arrives on Blu-Ray

Photos of the cast and crew of "Noah."
Photos of the cast and crew of "Noah."
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International



Darren Aronofsky’s epic “Noaharrives on Blu-Ray July 29, giving viewers a chance to see this fascinating, visually stunning film in the best format possible. The film stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Anthony Hopkins.

'Noah' comes to Blu-Ray July 29.
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Crowe stars as the titular Biblical icon, who is called up on by God to build an ark. Crowe expertly plays Noah’s emotional burden; “Noah” deals extensively with Crowe’s crisis of faith, as well as his guilt at being one of the lone survivors after the Great Flood. Aronofsky adds a layer of philosophical complexity that most blockbusters ignore.

Make no mistake, “Noah” is a blockbuster, one of the oddest blockbusters in years. Aronofsky is as interested in Noah’s difficult decisions as he is in spectacle. Philosophical discussions about faith, humanity and the environment bump up against incredibly ambitious imagery that is staggering in scope. Every shot seems to feature eye-catching visual effects, from the fallen angels made of rock sent to protect Noah to the vast menagerie of animals which board the ark. The visual fx work by Industrial Light & Magic is some of the most impressive this year.

The film isn’t perfect. The personal and the epic vie for attention throughout the movie, and the constant push and pull makes the 138 minute film feel even longer. Also some will definitely scoff at the liberties Aronofsky takes with this well-known Bible story. Winstone plays Tubal-Cain, a villain who killed Noah’s father, and while Winstone is always welcome,his stock villainy seems even more shallow alongside the film’s other well-considered ideas.

The eye-scorching visuals shine in high-def on a great looking and sounding Blu-Ray. Extras consist of three behind-the-scenes documentaries: “Iceland: Extreme Beauty,” and two documentaries on the construction of the ark itself. The docs run about an hour in total.

“Noah” is a flawed, challenging spectacle which looks incredible on Blu-Ray. View photos of the cast and crew of “Noah” in the slideshow above.