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Review: "Creating the Life You Desire" Workshop by Shelly R. Wilson

"Creating the Life YOU Desire!" Workshop by Shelly R. Wilson
"Creating the Life YOU Desire!" Workshop by Shelly R. Wilson

"Creating the Life YOU Desire" Workshop by Shelly R. Wilson


The Lily Dale Assembly in Lily Dale, New York, is the world’s largest center for the study of the science of philosophy and the religion of Spiritualism; and every Summer for the past 135 years they have put together a series of experiences and workshops specially chosen ‘to bring information, enlightenment, hope and peace to those who open their hearts to receive.’ It is a high honor to be chosen to speak at Lily Dale during their annual summer event, and today I am reviewing a workshop that was first introduced at this important gathering on August 1st of this year, and is now available to do at home.

Author Shelly Wilson based her newest workshop, Creating the Life You Desire, on two of her books: 28 Days to a New You and Connect to the You Within, both of which I’ve read, loved, and reviewed previously in this column. When Shelly was accepted to speak at Lily Dale, she called me to say how excited she was and how much she wanted to provide the folks attending her workshop with tools to move forward, and that was her main focus as she pulled from her books to put together an event that would assist attendees in their personal journeys through awareness and empowerment. I couldn’t be in Lily Dale to take Shelly’s workshop, but I was the first to do it at home, and here are just a few of the topics she covers:

  • Choosing Change
  • Consciously Creating/Law of Attraction
  • Being Mindfully Present/Living in the Present
  • Assessing Relationships/Making Conscious Connections
  • Releasing & Forgiveness
  • Awakening to your Purpose

Regular readers of this column will know that the above topics are among those that my Guides and I write about all the time because they are so important to our spiritual growth. There are many more topics covered in this eye-opening workshop, and the Having Patience with the Process section is where I learned how much work I still have to do on myself personally. As Shelly says, ‘As you shift your perception, you will change your experiences, including those in the past, the ones you are presently experiencing and those that have yet to happen. This transformation involves altering one’s mindset and attitude as well as being mindful of one’s thoughts, words and actions.’ Dear Readers, I found much in this workshop to allow me to move forward with my own transformation.

Workshop details: Workshop fee of $30 includes pdf and mp3 audio files to download, participation in closed Facebook group (optional), and monthly teleconference calls (optional). You can enroll at any time and move through the workshop at your own pace. Click here for complete details about this workshop and how to purchase it. Namaste.

About Shelly R. Wilson: Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher Shelly Wilson’s mission is to assist folks on their spiritual journeys. With respect, truth, integrity and love, Shelly honors your free will and recognizes that you are co-creating your reality with the Universe. She offers private readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki sessions, and teaches workshops. Shelly's books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within, and Journey Into Consciousness are available at and Barnes and Her courses, Stop Existing and Start Living! and Opening Your Heart to Love are available through the DailyOM. Please contact Shelly at the following websites:

Thank you for reading my column! For more about me and my books (Windows of Opportunity, Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age, and Spiritual Toolbox), please visit my website at

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