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Review: ‘Contradiction: A Question of Faith’

Contradiction: A Question of Faith


The most religious demographic in the country are African Americans. In the new documentary film, “Contradiction: A Question of Faith,” Jeremiah Camara goes on a journey to explore the entanglement between religion and the black community.

Contradiction: A Question of Faith
Jeremiah Camara

Camara interviews believers and non-believers within the black community. Asking thought provoking questions about the controversial topic of faith in a friendly and non-threatening manner, he manages to have a civil dialog about a subject so many religious believers get overly passionate about.

The film features interviews with pastors, parishioners, skeptics, artists, musicians, activists, and even a few famous faces -- most notably, Martin Luther King III, the son of civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr.

While the interviews that Camara conducted were all excellent, I was surprised by the faces that I didn’t see. There are many well-known African American atheist activists who were not featured in the film. People like A.J. Johnson, Reggie Finley, Bridget Gaudette, Jamila Bey, Mike Estes, and many others. An interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson would have also added greatly to the film.

The interview with rapper Graydon Square was one of the highlights of the film and I found myself looking forward to more clips of that interview. There were also interviews atheists who aren’t in the African American community like, Lawrence Kruass, Annie Laurie Gaylor, and Dan Barker.

All in all, this was a very powerful film that explores the roots of religiosity within the black community. Jeremiah Camara asks thought provoking questions while at the same time respecting the positive role that churches have had in relation to civil rights.

Find out where “Contradiction: A Question of Faith,” is playing near you on the film’s website. There is also a Facebook page for the movie.

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