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Review: Change it up with Domino’s Specialty Chicken

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Domino's Specialty Chicken


Domino’s most popular item is definitely their pizza, but it has a lot more than that to offer. Oven baked sandwiches, wings, pastas, and now introducing Domino’s Specialty Chicken! This is the latest addition to Domino’s menu. Think of ordering chicken bites but with a twist.

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Perfect for satisfying your next finger-food craving, Domino’s Specialty Chicken are 12 boneless white-chicken nuggets topped with melting ingredients. Domino’s Specialty Chicken is available in four varieties, and I had the chance to try out two of them – the crispy bacon and tomato, and the classic hot buffalo. The other two are sweet BBQ bacon, and the spicy jalapeno-pineapple.

From the two that Domino’s sent me, my favorite is the crispy bacon and tomato. What I usually order from Domino’s is ham pizza, so of course I instantly wanted to try the next item that had bacon in it! What I love the most is that they are bite size, as I stated above, this is the perfect little treat for food junkies.

Unfortunately, I mean it quite literally when I say “little treat.” The sizes of the Specialty Chicken servings are small, but then again so is the price – only $5.99 (when you order an item from the mix-and-match menu). A decent price for a tasty snack, it’s just not a meal.

I can’t honestly say I look forward to trying the other flavors, but next time I order a pizza I’ll accompany the order with a crispy bacon and tomato specialty chicken.