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Review: Carnival Dream sailing of October 20, 2012 (part three)

Steve and Jean Mencik with Steve's parents, Lois and Mike.
Steve and Jean Mencik with Steve's parents, Lois and Mike.unknown good samaritan that took our picture

Cruise on the Carnival Dream sailing of October 20, 2012.


Continued from part two.

The first port of call was Nassau, The Bahamas. We have been to Nassau on quite a few cruises. Because of this, we initially planned to stay on the sip and enjoy the quite day. However, it turned out that my parents were also on a cruise, aboard the Oasis of the Seas, which stopped in Nassau the same day. Since they live in Florida and we live in Maryland, we don't get to see each other very often. So, we arranged in advance that we would call them when we got off the ship.

As with many plans, this one went astray, when we could not get in touch with them. It seems that their "pas as you go" cell phones do not work in Nassau. So, we decided to go out to the area around the port to do some souvenir shopping and to find someplace that had free Wi-Fi so we could check our email. We did not find any free Wi-Fi and after a little while decided to head back to the cruise port area in case my parents had decided to just look for us. As we were going back in, they were on their way out and we managed to meet up with them.

We headed to the local Starbucks for some coffee and discovered that while not free, they had very inexpensive connections to the internet. We were able to have some tasty snacks, good conversation and catch up on our email, before we headed back to our respective ships. While heading back through the cruise terminal we stopped to take some pictures, and a passerby offered to take a picture of all four of us, which was nice.

Our next port was St. Thomas, which will be covered in part four.