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Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Chris Evans is Steve Rogers aka Captain America
Chris Evans is Steve Rogers aka Captain America
Marvel Studios

Captain America: The First Avenger


***Captain America: The First Avenger is rated PG-13 and is playing currently in theaters across Columbus Ohio. For Tickets and Movie-Times, please go to or click here to find your theater and scope out times to check out Captain America: The First Avenger ****

Who would have thunk this summer that Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger was the better film than DC’s The Green Lantern. But it is. On so many levels it is.

I made no hint (in the podcast episode Thor PLUS Our Chat With Men of a Certain Age’s Mike Royce ) that I thought Marvel’s Thor was a wonderful film, close to or being better than Iron Man. As always opinions change, that was an initial gut reaction. While I still look fondly on the film, Thor is a different beast, and a bit harder to relate to looking back. Nothing against those involved with the film, but Thor was a good summer blockbuster flick, and no, wasn’t as good as Iron Man but loads better than Iron Man 2. But that leaves the question of the new Marvel film Captain America: The First Avenger which is very close to Iron Man, which is you left the theater feeling really jazzed and excited about what you just watched. And Surprisingly, I wanted more of the Cap.

As someone who doesn’t dig Captain America nor Superman for their over-achieving goody-goody patriotism is great mindset, I was blown away by what the film did. It humanized him a lot more for me, and made me partially interested in Steve Rogers. Not to say the film doesn’t have it’s own flaws, but after a few days, I’m still jazzed. I want to see it again. Not exactly a feeling I felt when I saw Thor early this summer.

Captain America: The First Avenger is the tale of puny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), who desperately wants to do his part and serve in the armed forces to bring that punk of punks Adolf Hitler down. His best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is doing it, and not only does he have pride in wanting to serve and knowing it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, he also wants to be with his friend. Things aren’t going well, even getting beat up in alley-ways, until a chance conversation with Bucky near the ears of Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) who is working on a new formula that will enhance soldiers. After going through the motions even with Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) Rogers is finally approved for the man he is, not how well he performs on the field during field tests, and is put in the ‘Super Soldier’ test.

Naturally, the test succeeds, with a devastating end, leaving Rogers being the only Super Soldier. Being he failed all his field tests, Col. Phillips refuses to place him on the field and so he becomes ‘Captain America’ who helps sells War Bonds. A year perhaps goes by, and Rogers is crushed when he finds that while on tour in Europe doing shows for the troops, Bucky is captured, Rogers goes on the offensive against orders, dressed as Captain America, and ends up saving the day. From there, Captain America becomes a force to be reckoned with, and catches the attention of Johann Schmidt aka The Red Skull (played to perfection by Hugo Weaving).

And what would Rogers be without his love interest? Hayley Atwell knocks it out of the park as the vivacious and tough-as-nails ‘dame’ Peggy Carter, who is imported from Great Britian to help usher the Super Soldier program. Atwell and Evans work wonderful together and the whole relationship between Carter and Rogers is wonderfully playful, but because some of the film glosses over time quickly it is no mistake that the final moments in the film between Peggy and Steve while touching, don’t go as far to really move you. But then again, for a superhero film that nails almost every thing else, you end up forgiving the film, as you know what’s at stake, it’s a fun movie, and you know that these emotional beats will be continued on in later films, whether it be a sequel for Captain America or in the Avengers.

Overall, Captain America: The First Avenger is a great film, full of fun, and feels how it should, a super hero from the 1940’s. A lot better than Thor, it is a close second to Iron Man in the stable of Marvel films. Definitely worth seeing in theaters.

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