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Review: Burger King’s Rodeo Burger and Chicken delight on the cheap

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Credits: Elliot Levin / Queens Fast Food Examiner

Rodeo Burger and Chicken Sandwich


Two new items are gracing Burger King’s dollar menu, and while the Rodeo Burger and Chicken Sandwich might boast only onion rings and BBQ sauce, they’re an instant value add to your meal and pretty delicious at that.

I grabbed one of each at the Burger King on Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows, and paid $1.09 apiece with tax for the small sandwiches. Oddly, there was no in-store advertising for the Rodeo sandwiches, but once I requested it the cashier knew exactly what it was.

The Rodeo line is simply a beef or crispy chicken patty with a couple of onion rings and a large helping of BBQ sauce slathered on a poppyseed bun. The beef was fresh and the chicken was crispy, in line with BK’s usual tasty offerings. The onion rings added a satisfying salty crunch and while the BBQ sauce made things a little messy, both sandwiches were adequately delicious.

The portion size was fair for the $1 price, although the chicken patty was noticeably bigger than the burger and I thought it tasted a little better too. If paired with a drink and a side dish either one would make for a reasonable lunch or dinner. At 310 calories (burger) / 410 calories (chicken), the sandwiches land right in the middle tier of the fast food diet with about 17 grams of fat and under 1,000 mgs of sodium. Don’t have one every day, but once or twice a week certainly won’t wreck you. Alternatively, if you’re looking to pad your drunken midnight order with something cheap and delicious, the chicken sandwich is a perfect value add.

While I’ll always be a Whopper guy, and the Angry Whopper already offers both onion rings and BBQ sauce on its own, it’s hard to argue with the Rodeo’s price factor if you need a quick and cheap sandwich. The burger/chicken option also puts a little more choosing power in your hands. But it might be worth the extra $3 to spring for an Angry Whopper if you really value lettuce & tomato and a fuller package for your burger.

The Rodeo burger and chicken sandwiches seem more gimmicky than anything else, and therefore will probably be replaced by Burger King’s next new promotion. So check it out while it’s still around.

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