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Review: Blacksalt Restaurant

You cannot go wrong with anything off of Blacksalt's menu, everything is delicious!
You cannot go wrong with anything off of Blacksalt's menu, everything is delicious!
Samentha Moore

Blacksalt Restaurant


Dining at Blacksalt was like having the red carpet pulled out just for you. Located on 4883 MacArthur Boulevard, Blacksalt creates a dining experience to remember. With a fish market located at the entrance of the restaurant, the visions and scents of fresh seafood pull you straight in and also allow you to create your own culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen.

Greeted by the hostess, the walk to the table is a visual pleasure; to get into the back room, the hostess walks you through the restaurants impressive wine cellar and that opens up into a charming secluded dining room. With beautifully sturdy menus handed promptly after seating, the anticipation was inescapable.

The already considerable menu had options of hot and cold appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, as well as specials of the day in each of the aforementioned areas. If one of the daily specials are chosen, the choice to have it prepared in any way that the staple entrees are prepared can be done, or if you are feeling trusting, you can have the chef prepare it for you using fresh kitchen ingredients.

Wine glasses are then chosen based on the wine choice and each serving of wine is brought in a personal wine carafe. Kale Caesar Salad ($13) donned with cured anchovies was fresh, crisp and delicious. Crumbled focaccia took the place of standard croutons and ensured a light crunch with every bite and the crumbled boiled egg took the usual Caesar salad flavor and gave it a signature taste. The house salad was fresh with red onions and a house made vinaigrette ($13).

In between each course, a server comes to your table and wipes away the crumbs and clears any plate that is unused. After any party left their table, a restaurant attendant would remove the white tablecloth only to replace it with another one and then proceeded to iron it in preparation for new diners.

The Wood grilled Whole Fish accompanied with cannellini beans, lacinato kale, olives, preserved lemon, orange-fennel salad ($21.) The flavors were bright and earthy complimenting the perfectly cooked skin on fish. One of the evenings specials were crab cakes, chosen to be prepared in the manner that the Wild Alaskan Halibut is prepared; English peas, baby carrots, braised cippolini onion jus, pommes puree ($34). Two impeccably cooked crab cakes matched beautifully with the light potato mash and the onion jus rounded out the flavors.

Dessert was a delightful ending to a beautiful meal and dining experience. Three scoops of house made sorbet topped with fresh fruit (two scoops vanilla and one chocolate) paired with hot cappuccino couldn’t have been more relaxing.

Blacksalt truly does hit the nail on the dining experience because they understand that it is an entire experience from beginning to end and they work at making sure each diner leaves with that feeling. If you are looking for an upscale meal with an educated staff, Blacksalt should definitely make your list.