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Review: Beau Thai

If the craving of Thai food hits, Beau Thai is a good place to go!
If the craving of Thai food hits, Beau Thai is a good place to go!Samentha Moore

Beau Thai Restaurant


Thai food is a crowd favorite, but unfortunately, not all Thai restaurants are created equal. Beau Thai is definitely a crowd pleaser. Located on 1700 New Jersey Ave. NW, and another location in Mt. Pleasant, this small eatery always has patrons coming in and out whether to dine in or to carry out. Small but mighty is a great way to describe Beau Thai. With only a handful of tables and seats, this isn’t a place to bring a large party. This restaurant could fit 30 to 35 at best, including the bar area.

Kitchen specialties stand outside on a chalkboard to entice patrons to give it a try. Proudly showcasing a few “Best of DC” plaques on their sage walls along with pictures gave Beau Thai a “dining room” feel. Service was speedy and attentive. Once waters were (automatically) brought to the table, it was helpful to have the waiter there to help navigate through the menu as well as customize the meals to dietary needs/restrictions.

Music softly playing in the back and the lively chatter of dine in patrons made it easy to see why this was a favorite place to eat. Simplicity seemed to be the goal for Beau Thai and they did it well, from the simple menu to the streamline tables and décor. As the food was being prepared, the waiter started placing tea lights at each table to prepare for the evening diners.

Pad Thai with tofu medium spicy ($11) was the entrée of choice and they did a marvelous job at it. Beansprouts, a lime wedge and crushed peanuts were placed onto a large lettuce leaf on the side of the plate. Unless the piece of lettuce was to be eaten with the dish, there is no point in adding it there, it was more for presentation sake and took up space. The balance of the spiciness with the sweetness and crunch of the peanuts made the dish very easy to devour. Chopsticks are given upon request.

Beau Thai has found their niche and they are doing a good job with it. If ever you need a Thai food fix, this is a great spot to try out!