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Review: Ann Arbor's Elevation Burger (certified halal)

Michael Tayter, owner.Elevation Burger, a quick serve restaurant using halal and organic beef for each patty. Ann Arbor 2014
Michael Tayter, owner.Elevation Burger, a quick serve restaurant using halal and organic beef for each patty. Ann Arbor 2014
Courtesy of Sakina Alamin

Elevation Burger restaurant


With the summer months in full swing, there's not much better than having a delicious hamburger and milkshake in between attending Ann Arbor festivals -- Especially when the burger patty is both organic and halal!

Elevation Burger is a quickly multiplying, organic quick serve franchise that uses only 'certified halal' beef in its burgers. The restaurant idea was conceived in 2002 by Hans Hess who did not initially have in mind to utilize halal meat but did so after discovering an ethical farm using a halal butchery. Hess liked how clean and well run the butchery was, so he continued using halal butcheries as new farms were added to the network.

Michael Tayter, the owner of the restaurant on Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor, has said that the two characteristics "organic" and "halal" attract a variety of demographics of the metro Detroit area to the eatery. Tayter went on to explain that customers identifying themselves as Muslim had politely requested to see EB's halal certification in the past (even though there is the standard-sized 'halal/حلال' sticker on the front window, as one would expect) to which he obliged.

Certainly much of the trepidation or concern regarding the origin of the meat was quelled in Ann Arbor when representatives from the Michigan Islamic Academy P.T.A. came to verify and confirm the 'halalness' of the beef. The fact that EB is in fact legit in its halal claims is a definite win for the Muslim community considering the burgers are quite delicious!

The Elevation Burger menu has a decent selection of drinks, sweets, and burgers, with two different vegetarian options as well as a lettuce wrap. Customers get to choose from an extensive list of condiments and sides, such as caramelized onions, Elevation sauce, blue cheese dressing, and balsamic mustard, to add on to the standard two-patty hamburger. Unlike other quick serve restaurants the side of fries is rather generous and comes in its own serving boat.

*It is worth it to mention that while Elevation Burger does offer a side of bacon for any customers who order it, the bacon is thawed and prepared in a room separate from the room and appliances used to grill the halal patties.

All in all, Elevation Burger gets five stars out of five due to the cleanliness of the establishment, friendliness of the staff and manager, having locations in the Middle East and US, and for being some kind of special pioneer in non-Muslim management by catering to its Islamic population without even being asked. Pretty cool!

Head on over to Elevation Burger at:

3365 Washtenaw Ave, Suite L,
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
(734) 585-0467

(Order online)

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