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Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Amazing Spider Man 2


Let me start by saying I have never been a big Spidy fan. I liked him fine, but I was never fangirling over New York’s arachnid hero. No fits of giggles upon seeing his trailers, no change in heartbeat upon seeing his face, nothing at all that really excited me as Christian Bale’s Batman does (or Bale in general). So when heading out to see a late showing of Amazing Spider-Man 2, I was dragging my feet. My, oh my, how 142 minutes can change a person’s mind and heart! I want to be Peter's girlfriend...

Whoever cast Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker deserves an award. Likewise, the casting of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey is also perfection. Their on-screen chemistry is electric (talk about awakening Spidy senses). The second installment in the reboot is better than the first! The shrouded mystery surrounding the Parker family and its connection to Oscorp is explored further, in fact, the entire first ten minutes of the movie might make you tear up. The plot is thicker, the love sweeter, the villains angrier, the action greater, and the fear of loss even more potent.

Garfield brings Peter Parker to life. You can’t help but feel like he’s a real person. Dare I say that he might be the most “real” superhero I’ve seen played on-screen? After watching this movie the whole world is going to feel like Garfield’s best friend! Heck, if I saw him walking on the street I might just run up and throw my arms around him! Everything about this movie was great. Like, really great. I am now a fan of Spider-Man and totally looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Best part of the movie: Paul Giamatti with barbed wire tattooed on his forehead.

Other best part of the move: THE MUSIC. Thank you, Magnificent 6!