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Review: Alter Ego 124

Alter Ego #124


Alter Ego and Back Issue are two excellent and in-depth magazines devoted to the comics of yesteryear, and the legendary (as well as unsung) creators who contributed so significantly to the successes that have resulted in billion-dollar movie franchises.

Alter Ego 124

With Alter Ego 124 (May 2014), we’re treated to a lengthy interview with Herb Trimpe — the man largely behind THE look of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk throughout much of the Seventies. And notably, Herb was the first to illustrate the now iconic Wolverine.

This issue is loaded with behind-the-scenes workings during the heyday of the Marvel Bullpen. It makes for fascinating reading, and throughout, Herb proves to be humble, spirited, and forthcoming.

One cannot help but pine for those glory days, when comics seemed driven more by a manic, fly by the seat of your pants attitude, rather than today’s calculated and cynical approach. Herb’s anecdotes, like his comic stories, are filled with a sense of wonder.

And major props are due to the publisher, editor, and contributors to Alter Ego and Back Issue. Clearly, their efforts are labors of love, and their commitment shines through on every page. Additionally, these magazines have proven to be treasure troves for finding new (old) comics to seek out; issues and titles that one might’ve passed over, or been unaware of, back in the day.

For more about Herb, check out this free-flowing interview with Herb, where he expounds on everything from the state of modern comics to history.

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