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Review: 365 Ways to Attract Good Luck

365 Ways to Attract Good Luck


Publication Date: October 8, 2014 Title: 365 Ways to Attract Good Luck – Richard Webster –– 265 Pages – Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. – 978-0-7387-3839-2 Paperback –2 Stars

For the most part, I enjoyed reading this title. I expected it to be a “list” book, but was pleasantly surprised that the book was separated into chapters. Although I don’t believe in luck, rather blessings from God, I don’t discredit anyone that does.

Many of these 365 Ways to Attract Good Luck are practical principles that are practiced by successful people from all walks of life. The very first principle is Attitude. We all know that without a good attitude, blessings, or luck, will not come our way. I especially was pleased to see principal number to, which is Take Control. We know that so we think, so we are and many don’t get this simple principal. If you think you can’t, you won’t. Just like the little engine that could, you think you can, so you will.

Other principals that I found useful and familiar in this book were Associate with Like Minded People, Set Goals and Achieve Them, Expect Good Things to Happen, Take Chances, Do Something New, Self-Respect, and several others.

Where the book took a turn for me was in section two, Lucky Words and Phrases. The author uses terms like Abracadabra, Kuwabara, Bedooh, Nefer and Mazel Tov. The next section talks about lucky gems, which I am not into.

The book picked back up for me in section 6, Love and Marriage. Love Letters and The Law of Attraction were two of my favorites.

As stated above, the book has some great practical principles, but lucky charms, etc., were a little bit too much for me. After reading the author’s bio, I realize that he is a hypnotist, interested in the psychic world. This explained a lot for me. I’m a lover of self-help, non-fiction titles to add to my library. This one was not for me, as I’m sure that I was not the author’s target audience.