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Review: 19 Days In Tetbury, by Peter Aristone

19 Days In Tetbury, by Peter Aristone


Peter Aristone, is a Slovak performer whose debut album is available digitally now. The main release of the album, European single "Cool As You", features Melanie C. The sweet ballad is a great focus, but the album has other elements which would interest many-a listener. Peter Aristone studied voice and music production at the renowned Jazz Music Conservatory in Prague going on to become a sound engineer

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BrainZone Records
Peter Aristone
BrainZone Records

19 Days In Tetbury has a certain repetitive element to it, but it works. Peter's voice is strong, and used to its maximum capacity. These tunes are mostly rock-pop, and very performance-driven. It is easy to hear these tracks and picture Aristone with a live band jamming to a happy crowd. The album features Melanie C, James Dean Bradfield and Emma Ejwetz.

More on the album:

"Crash and Burn" is a hyper start to this set, full of rock elements and a catchy chorus. The vocals are crisp, and worthy of belting along with them. 'We break down, we fall to pieces/ Fly so high, then crash and burn.'

"Sunight" is an up-tempo track which involves string instruments throughout its moody course. The vocals beautifully enhance the instrumental repetition. The drum and percussion break is fantastic. This has been released as the second single. 'When there is no fool upon the hill/ when the dogs are chasing/ I will se your castle and your keep/ When everyone is running just be still/ Though your mind is racing, I will be your light/ Cause I still believe/ That you will be in the sunlight.'

"Real" starts out like the previous, with a rampant beat and strong vocals. The track discusses improving something which has not worked thus far. "Cool As You" features Melanie C. The sweet ballad, is made up of mostly string instruments and their harmonizing vocals. Melanie's verse, which breaks the The track launched Peter as a solo artist in Europe, where the single was released.

"Don't Shed No Tears" is an adult contemporary, radio-ready track. It is reminiscent of Gavin DeGraw. "Movin' On" is a slower song, adorned with strumming guitars and mild percussion. This is the moodiest track of the set, breaking the busier pattern of songs past.

"All We Can Dream" features Emma Ejwertz. This one has a futuristic element to it as it also implements an eighties, retro-feel to it. Emma, from Sweden, has very mild vocals. Because of that, Peter's vocals are demure and soothing. The instrumental certainly takes precedent on this one.

"Without Your Kiss" has the most eclectic introduction of the set. This electro-rock track is full of charisma and angst. 'Don't you care at all?/ How could you watch me fall?/ When you have the cure/ You know I can't go without your kiss.'

"I Won't Cry" is crowded with its stern vocals and heavy bass line. It is an enjoyable grower of a track. "Nothing Can Harm Us" takes it back to the string instruments, which lead Peter's vocals to be softer, calmer, and ever-so soothing. The beautiful track leads pleasantly into "Tonight".

"Turn Me On" is probably the rockiest track. It is heavy minded amidst its softer breaks. The contrast really makes it pop. Finally, "We Call The Past" ends the set with a demure tone. The slower track is dreamy, whilst the vocals reflect its lyrical matter.

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