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'Reversal of Fortune' is well-worth seeing

Reversal of Fortune


Often, films that are nominated for or win Academy Awards are based on true stories of notorious people who receive a great deal of public attention. An example from this year is "The Wolf of Wall Street." Another example is "Reversal of Fortune," which came out in 1990.

"Reversal of Fortune" tells the story of aristocratic Claus Von Bulow (played by Jeremy Irons), who was accused of trying to kill his wealthy wife, Sunny Von Bulow (played by Glenn Close). Claus hired a Harvard professor and celebrity lawyer, Alan Dershowitz (played by Ron Silver). Alan works with his students at his house on the case. They eventually become convinced that, in spite of his insufferable personality, Claus may be innocent.

Jeremy Irons won an Academy Award for his exacting performance as Claus Von Bulow. He does excellent work and shows that Claus is very mysterious, and he seems to enjoy letting people think he may be guilty. Glenn Close is equally good as Sunny. She narrates the story as she lays in a coma, and she is seen in flashbacks. Close does a great job showing that Sunny has a problem with drug use. Another memorable performance is by Ron Silver. We see that Alan Dershowitz is very dedicated to his job.

"Reversal of Fortune" earned director Barbet Schroeder an Oscar nomination. He does an effective job of never revealing whether or not Claus actually tried to kill Sunny. Also, he brings some dark humor to the film.

"Reversal of Fortune" is a great film for its impressive performances and fascinating story.