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'Revenge': Why is Emily blacking out and will she go back to Aiden?

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne on ABC's 'Revenge.'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

'Revenge' Episode 3.13 "Hatred" Air Date January 19, 2014


Revenge” returned on Jan. 19 with the fiery hot new episode, “Hatred.”

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is arguably in the most dangerous position she’s ever been. She’s exposed as a “gold digger,” she’s living with her worst enemies, she’s in a loveless marriage with Daniel (Josh Bowman) and she walks away from her one true love, Aiden (Barry Sloane).

Ever-the-survivor, she manages to spin her bleak circumstances to her advantage by fingering Lydia Davis as her shooter. She tells a stunned Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Daniel she knows he really did it. Now, they must repay her silence by helping to restore her marriage.

Meanwhile, Takeda’s daughter Niko persuades Emily not to give up her mission. Emily regroups but teeters on thin ice with two blackouts that result in unexplained missed time.

By the end of the gripping installment, Niko discovers her father’s murder weapon under Aiden’s bed and a dazed Emily wakes up in Conrad’s (Henry Czerny) bed at the South Fork Inn. What?! Why is Emily blacking out and will she go back to Aiden? Or, will an enraged Niko or one of the Graysons kill them both before they have a chance at happily ever after?

Daniel’s Dark Side Dominates

It’s disturbing on many levels to see sweet-natured and smiling Josh Bowman transform himself into the devious, dark-hearted man Daniel Grayson has become. He taunts Emily by parading Sara in front of her. He looks at her with venomous eyes and he’d like nothing more than to see her destroyed. He already shot her, right? When is enough, enough?

Emily seems to take it all in stride, except when she finds out her injuries render her unable to have children someday. This devastating reality spurs her to refocus and return to her mission. She has lost her father, her best friend and now the chance to start her own family, thanks to the Graysons. She resolves to renew and revamp her revengenda to the fullest extent.

Aiden’s Anguish

We have to admit we’re relieved when Emily first admits defeat to Niko and vows to go live out her life in peace when she’s strong enough to leave.

Raise your hand if you also winced when Niko tries to change her mind by punching her in the wounded stomach. Then, Emily breaks open stitches in her sleep, wakes to a pool of blood and instructs Niko to cauterize it with a red hot poker. Ouch!

We ache for yet another monumental loss for Emily as Victoria haughtily informs her she’ll never bear children of her own. While this terrible tragedy reignites Emily’s revenge scheme, the worst part is when she pushes Aiden out of her life.

He’s clearly anguished and falls into Niko’s waiting and open arms in response. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is justifiably incensed to discover Aiden’s overnight guest, who has pretty much established occupancy in his room.

Aiden is clearly hooking up with Niko on the rebound. His heart still belongs to Emily and he lets Niko know it just before she’s going to leave town to avenge her own father’s death.

There’s No Keeping Track of Lost Time

Emily is having blackouts and we don’t know why. Is someone drugging her? Has her head injury caused her to have a split personality? We’re not sure what’s going on and neither is she.

She blacks out once while swimming, only to find herself at Nolan’s, where she confronts Aiden about his relationship with Niko. Then, she blacks out again after Daniel pushes her onto the bed and wakes up in Conrad’s bed in his pajamas at the South Fork Inn. Eww!

Is someone drugging Emily and playing mind games with her? Or, is she suffering real physical and mental trauma as a result of her head injury?

One thing is certain, Daniel and Emily are doing a very dangerous and diabolical dance. It’s great fun to see real life sweethearts Josh Bowman and Emily VanCamp verbally spar and out-glare each other onscreen. They've collectively and individually brought fighting dirty to an all-time low.

It’s hard to say who has the upper hand at this point, Daniel, or Emily. Emily may be one step ahead because Sara suddenly decides she’s too good to be a home wrecker. However, this only fuels Daniel’s hatred of her.

Final Bombshells

There are more huge bombshells this week. A distraught Victoria finally tells Patrick he is the product of rape. Niko discovers the weapon that Aiden used to kill Takeda under his bed. So, she must know he’s the one who killed her father. And, the “first Mrs. Grayson” comes to town. What kind of hidden agenda is she working?

At this point, the stakes are extremely high for Aiden and Emily, whose lives may be in grave danger at the hands of their enemies. Will they join forces or can they work together to save themselves before it’s too late? More importantly, will Aiden and Emily live long enough to find their happily ever after?

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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