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Revenge supplies its best surprises yet with season three finale

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Revenge season three finale


Revenge surprised everyone with its season finale. Please be advised that this will spoil the season three finale for those of you who have not watched it yet. David Clarke’s name is finally cleared and Emily, AKA Amanda, is finally free. Of course, she isn’t done, and will not be until she takes down Victoria. Victoria threw a wrench in her plans though with the shocking murder of Aiden.
Not only did she kill Aiden, but she also teamed up with the therapist to do it. And after all of that, she went too far by bringing Aiden’s body to Emily’s home and staging his body on the couch. Isn’t that a bit too far, even for someone so naturally evil? She didn’t even tell the therapist what she had planned, or so the therapist says. Emily wants to get Victoria more than ever. What is even more creepy is in the cemetery Victoria says, “Oh, you received my gift?” in a strange and creepy manor. No sane person would call a dead body a “gift”.
Then the twists begin, and of course, the set up for season four. Conrad escapes prison. First, you think the guard hates him and wants to beat him. The second time they meet, alone, you as well as Conrad assume another beating is on the way. Instead the guard helps supply Conrad with a uniform as a father of god. He walks right out of the prison without anyone noticing.
He begins to walk down the street singing. He truly believed he was on easy street to a life of freedom. The surprise, of course, was the identity of the driver on the back road. Even better was what happened next. David Clarke is alive, and he murders Conrad with some swift knife action. Emily checked Victoria into a mental hospital. A great twist when Emily used the same therapist to check Victoria in. Victoria put Amanda’s mother into the same hospital to silence her when Amanda was only a baby.
Revenge returns this fall, and boy are things heating up again. Victoria is taken care of in the mental facility, Conrad is dead on some side road, and David Clarke is alive and free. He has been cleared of all charges. What else can come next? Aiden is dead, so Emily can finally fall back in love with Jack. Of course, that’s after she and Nolan save him from prison since Charlotte called the cops to arrest Jack as part of her kidnapping. Writers definitely worked hard on this season finale. It sets up some amazing moves for season four in the fall. I’m sure James Tupper, the actor who plays David Clarke is excited for a pay raise as a full time living character.

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