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'Revelation Trail' DVD Review

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Revelation Trail


It's the days of the old west. The frontier is wide open. The trails are made of dirt and sagebrush. It's a wild time and it's about to get even wilder. For you see the dead are not interested in staying in their graves. They feel that they have more living to experience and they decide to do just that. A Preacher man (Daniel Van Thomas) is up against something even he is having hard time understanding.

The Preacher teams up with the town Marshall (Daniel Britt) and try to find a place to call home. Their town has been ravaged by zombies and as all it's inhabitants are fleeing the two head to the open frontier. They are up against the dead as well as the living. They are faced with the dangers of the old west as they try to find that safe place to live.

The Preacher tries to continue the practices of his trade as the Marshall looks on in wonder. The Preacher still gives funerals to the dead when they are able to keep one down for good. The Marshall just doesn't see the purpose as he is facing his own demons from the life he has lived.

The two men come across a secluded fortress that is ruled by a man simply known as Beard. This man called Beard (Robert Valentine) runs the place with an iron fist. This egomaniac runs a no nonsense form of justice even against the people he is trying to save.

This blend of horror and western does make it a strange bedfellow mix but all in all it works. It is very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. The Preacher and Marshall have to discover many things about themselves along their journey that they usually wouldn't have in order to just survive.

Eone is bringing this to us in August 26, 2014. The DVD is of the highest quality as the sound and visuals of the movie add to the mix of horror and western. The DVD also offers commentary from the stars and director. You'll also have a blooper and outtakes reel that will make you laugh. This is one if those movies that will make a fine addition to that personal DVD library for your easy viewing pleasure. So sit back and watch this mix of good ole western and horror that makes for one enjoyable movie.