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REV Wraps: A new on the go snack favorite

REV Wraps


REV Wraps, a new grab n’ go product from Hormel is our next, best food-basket favorite. Packed with protein (15-18 grams, depending on variety), these satisfying meat and cheese wraps are surprising tasty. Not without fat and calories (approximately 220-300 calories), REV Wraps are super-satisfying as a meal replacement or snack and won’t leave you hankering to graze all day.

Spicy Italian delivers.
Spicy Italian delivers.
Don't graze. Snack with REV Wraps

Found in the school “lunchable” aisle, REV Wraps (around $1.99 each) should not be mistaken or lumped together with those silly kiddie meals. REV Wrap 8 meat and cheese combos might look small or come in an unfamiliar package, yet they actually delivered an energy-packed punch to fight our midday food slump. We loved warming them for a bit in the microwave and it was certainly a plus that we loaded up on "fuel" not sugar.

Who would enjoy these? Quite frankly, anyone, but while we loved them for our lunch boxes we also couldn’t keep them around fast enough for our college-age friends who swooped in and devoured the Spicy Italian Style (spicy salami and mozzarella wrapped in an herb flatbread) and Pepperoni with Parmesan and mozzarella. The Peppered Turkey, Pizza and the Ham and Cheese sealed the deal that we had stumbled onto the next great supermarket staple!

Look for REV Wraps nationwide and at your favorite Long Island grocery store.

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