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Retro review: Brutal Legend

brutal legend game


There are two things I love in this life, and those are video games and heavy metal music. Brutal Legend is one of those games that combines both.

A screenshot from Brutal Legend.
Courtesy of Google.

Brutal Legend is a game about Eddie Riggs, a roadie for a nu-metal outfit called Kabbage Boy. During an accident on stage, Eddie is seemingly killed when a stage decoration falls on him. His blood flows into his belt buckle, and is transported to another world that Eddie takes an immediate liking to. Eddie finds himself in a world where every landscape looks like it belongs on a heavy metal album cover. Not only that, but his guitar now has the ability to attack and do other things, not just make music.

Brutal Legend is an adventure game with vehicle combat and hand to hand combat. Not only that, but the major battles take place in stage battles, where you defend your stage against the enemy. Eddie's army has classes that go with rock and metal themes, like headbangers, razor girls, and bass-playing healers. This "battle of the bands" concept is inventive, and it's also available for online multiplayer (if the servers are still on, that is).

The voice talent in this game is great. Jack Black voices Eddie Riggs, Rob Halford voices General Lyonwhyte (who looks like David Bowie with really long hair) and the Fire Baron (who resembles Halford more), Lemmy Kilmeister voices the Kill Master (a healer who looks a lot like the real Lemmy), Lita Ford voices Rima (the leader of a tribe of women who paint their faces like KISS), and Ozzy Osbourne voices the Guardian of Metal (the most coherent Ozzy's been in a while). Tim Curry voices Doviculus, the main antagonist. Kyle Gass, Jack Black's long time Tenacious D partner, appears along with comedian and noted metalhead, Brian Posehn. Another selling point of the game is the soundtrack. Filled with songs by bands such as Diamond Head, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Cradle of Filth, and King Diamond, it's a good way to discover bands you might have missed, and listen to old favorites.

Brutal Legend is an awesome game, brilliantly written and well designed. You can easily find it in any bargain bin.