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'Resurrection' Season One with Omar Epps, Frances Fisher, Matt Craven on DVD

Omar Epps
Omar Epps
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ABC's "Resurrection"


Season One of the science fiction television program "Resurrection" with Omar Epps, Frances Fisher and Matt Craven begins with a mystery. In a rice field in rural China, a young boy in an American t-shirt lies alone in a watery row before sitting bolt upright and beginning to roam the countryside. He collapses near a village and is taken to authorities who send him to immigration back in the U.S. which is determined to be his native land. The child matches no descriptions of missing children and he won't speak.

He is assigned to immigration agent J. Martin ("Marty") Bellamy (Omar Epps) and the boy soon prints the word "Arcadia" on a tablet. Bellamy decides to take the boy to Arcadia instead of turning him over to an adoption agency hoping to find the boy's real family. The boy directs Bellamy to a home in Arcadia where Bellamy discovers the only child belonging to the older couple living there, Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille (Frances Fisher), died some 32 years earlier. However, the boy runs up the house and asks an obscure riddle question which Henry answers without thinking and stops when he realizes it was a favorite riddle he shared with his dead son.

Thus begins the greater riddle of what truly happened to young Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez) 32 years previously and who the dead ringer is who knows every detail of Jacob's eight years on this earth. Things grow complicated as one after another, more dead are returned to Arcadia. Some seem to have evil intentions and all appear to be hiding something.

Many in town are scared of the returning dead, and others rejoice to be reunited with lost family members. The faith of a local pastor, the childhood best friend of Jacob Langston, is called into question, and some townspeople want to shun or even kill the returned. There is the ever-present question about when to call in the authorities and what the government might do under the extraordinary circumstances. Meanwhile, large cicadas also start showing up in Arcadia.

Dealing with mysteries from the past and the even more mysterious present, the plot of "Resurrection" is fresh and intriguing, with unexpected twists and turns. Although sometimes the action stalls, the suspense is frequently riveting. Most of the numerous actors hold their own as far as infusing their characters with believable personalities, and it is easy to become invested in the major characters.

Season One of "Resurrection" builds its tension from the fate of one little boy to the fate of an entire town, ending with a cliffhanger that introduces new elements to the mystery and new players. It is hard to predict where the series will go from here, but it promises to be worth the time to find out. There is a spiritual vibe to "Resurrection" which is interesting. Time will tell which direction the spiritual twists take.

"Resurrection" stars Omar Epps (House), Frances Fisher (Titanic), Matt Craven (Crimson Tide, A Few Good Men), Devin Kelley (Chernobyl Diaries, The Chicago Code), Mark Hildreth (The Tudors), Samaire Armstrong (Entourage, The O.C.), Sam Hazeldine (The Raven), Landon Gimenez (Housekeeping) as Jacob and Kurtwood Smith (That '70s Show) as Henry Langston. The series is based on the book " The Returned" by Jason Mott. The show is televised Sunday nights on ABC. Season One of "Resurrection" released to DVD on June 10, 2014.

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