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‘Resurrection’ recap: ‘Us Against the World’ but who is us?

Resurrection Us Against the World

'Resurrection' Us Against the World


Air date March 30

Bellamy shares his theory with Fred that Caleb and Dale robbed the bank, Dale took the money and Caleb took Dale’s life.

Pastor Tom is the latest Arcadian to see a ghost from his past…literally. His former girlfriend, Rachel, has found her way back home after waking up in a cornfield somewhere in Illinois. Rachel committed suicide twelve years ago.

Neighborhood juveniles with no apparent hope for a future think it’s cool to do a little trespassing and shine a flashlight in Jacob’s bedroom window to get a gander at the kid. Jacob screams out. Henry chases the lads off his property and Jacob is thrashing about on the floor having a seizure.

We learn Jacob shares two things in common with Caleb. They both are insomniacs (although we've seen Jacob sleeping several times) and they eat practically non-stop. Maggie wonders if this connection has anything to do with their return.

Tom tells his wife about Rachel. Twelve years ago, Rachel deliberately drove her car off a bridge, died and now she’s back. The wife is not as upset about Rachel’s return from the dead as she is about Tom’s obvious love for the woman.

Fred and Bellamy partner up sort to speak. They go to Caleb’s house and finds the hammer he was washing off in the previous episode because as Bellamy so wisely points out, “Who washes a hammer?” Elaine is in shock and awe.

Sidebar: Helen, the town resident busybody, is going to be interesting and annoying.

History has repeated itself. Caleb robs the bank again and dips albeit earlier than planned since his son Ray called the police on daddy dearest.

The connection between Jacob and Caleb is deeper than any of us realize. While going on a drive for ice-cream, Maggie and Jacob ride past a factory that sits well off from the road. Jacob looks out the window and tells Maggie he thinks they just drove past Caleb. Where? Maggie does not see anyone.
Jacob says Caleb is in the factory. When Maggie asks Jacob how does he know this Jacob says, “I can feel him.”

The ham you say.

Tom searches for Rachel and finds her sitting beneath a tree. Their tree. It’s not clear why she felt the need to do away with herself all those years back, but if “Rach” came to rekindle the flame, she is out of luck. She made her decision and Tom has made his. He is sticking with the wife.

Fred, Bellamy and the Arcadia police force race out to the old abandoned factory, sirens glaring mind you, where Caleb is hiding. That’s right fellows, tip the criminal off. Get on a bullhorn and shout your intent.

Amazingly, Caleb surrenders without any lip or sass, but he does give Bellamy one heck of a smirk and Bellamy looks all kinds of worried. Tune in next week to see Caleb announce with glee that more are coming!

Really? Why? What do they want?

‘Resurrection’ airs on Sundays at 9:00 PM on ABC.

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