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‘Resurrection’ recap: ‘Two Rivers’ the tide that binds thee

Two Rivers
Two Rivers

'Resurrection' tv show


Bellamy (Omar Epps) pays Caleb Richards an unannounced visit just as Caleb is rinsing blood off a hammer. Murderer! Bellamy gives Caleb a stern warning to stay away from Jacob.

Maggie informs her uncle Henry that Jacob’s remains were indeed inside the coffin.

Elaine opens the door to an empty fridge that she recently stocked and inquires as to what happened to the food. It would appear that Caleb has a bottomless pit since he is the one responsible for the depletion of the food rationings. Ray keeps a watchful hawk-eye on “his dad” and boldly tells Caleb he does not belong there.

On the way to check out Caleb’s shack in the woods, Maggie points out the spot where her mother and Jacob drowned and gives Bellamy a little background history on the river. Suddenly, she wonders if the river is the connection between Caleb and Jacob.

Fred presses Jacob for details regarding his wife’s death then later goes to a bar and pours his heart out over a stiff drink before strangers. Right before he leaves, Fred mentions his dead wife’s lover and what he would do if he ever saw the man again. All of the bar-flies, with the exception of one man who looks mighty disturbed by Fred’s threatening words, lean back. Could he be the one who has Fred Langston’s blood boiling?

Maggie and Bellamy reach the shack and are met with bunch of mysterious circles in the ground or are they open graves?

Church members, led by a middle-aged female nuisance, meet and vote to ban Lucille and Jacob from the church. What? Really?

Ray is caught spying on Maggie and Bellamy and tells them Caleb dug those holes and that he has been watching the man. His fake daddy does nothing but eat all day and never sleeps at night. Ray also claims to know Caleb’s true identity. He’s an alien. Maggie could hardly contain her laughter.

In between all of these goings-on are sporadic moments of father and son faux bonding between a father (Henry) who does not trust his son (Jacob) and a son (Ray) who does not trust his father (Caleb).

Bellamy goes to have a chat with the man who may be able to give some information on Caleb, but of course that ain’t happening because Caleb laid a hammer upside his head…repeatedly.

And yes folks, it is night of the living-living in Arcadia for yet another person has come sprung to life. No need for perpetual care in Arcadia.

‘Resurrection’ which is has become a hit, airs on Sundays at 9:00 PM on ABC.

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