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‘Resurrection’ Recap: ‘Torn Apart’ kept asunder

Torn Apart
Torn Apart

Resurrection 'Torn Apart'


Rachel is looking at her corpse on a slab at the county morgue. She is bewildered as is Tom, Marty and the sheriff. There is also another reunion that's not faring so well either. Maggie finds out that her mom has been back from the grave and in town for a week now, but Barbara has been hiding out at her man’s house. Never mind the fact, she left a daughter behind, Fred was just too cruel to come home to. Understandable, but don’t just steal glances of your daughter from a distance. Go talk to her. She’s used to dead people coming back.

Eventually, Barbara does go to see Fred, thanks to Maggie’s insistence. She tells him it’s over. It's been over for at least 30 years now, right? He says he accepts her decision, but the look on his face says some sinister thoughts are forming inside that head of his. Barbara doesn’t notice it though and practically skips away rejoicing over her new lease on life.

The church is packed with former funeralized folks. Suddenly, Helen, town troublemaker and opposer of the “returns,” comes marching inside happy to see an old familiar face from the dead. Maybe she forgot how she felt.

Oh shucks! A convoy of military trucks led by a Colonel Stone arrive carrying supplies for the new citizens in need. Fred, with bitterness in his heart and vengeance on his mind, informs the officer of who these people really are and feels they can’t be trusted. Look out Barbara!

The “returns” are ordered to check in at the local school’s gym as if they’re about to be loaded on board the mothership. Marty is suspicious of the whole idea and tells Henry and Lucille to take Jacob back home. At their request, he also tries to get to the family who had been staying with them, but is met with resistance at the door. No “return” can exit the building once they have entered it, courtesy of the ticked off Sheriff Fred Langston. This is all your fault Barbara!

Marty pulls the fire alarm and manages to set some of the “returns” free. Fred, who is getting mentally sicker by the minute, rounds up more manpower by releasing a few folk of his own – the prisoners. That’s right. Sheriff Fred is gathering up the jailbirds to help with the cause.

Marty and Jacob are on the run, speeding down one lane as Fred speeds up another lane leading to his brother’s house. Miraculously, they don’t see each other. Timing and landscaping is everything. Fred gives Henry and Lucille a load of crap about taking Jacob to the gym because it’s for the best, they can have visitation and will thank him for it in the long run. Lucille thanks him right then and there with a slap across his face.

Fred is radioed and summoned back to the gym. The military is not taking part in organizing a camp for freaks and Fred’s new recruits are being fitted for handcuffs and a trip back to the lockup. Maggie gets arrested also for not cooperating. She refuses to turn over the list of names. Fred shouts he will get it straightened out and she yells back the question, “Haven’t you done enough already?” Fred is looking quite stupid now.

So much for Marty and Jacob’s great escape. They soon find themselves surrounded by black SUVs and a black ops type helicopter hovering overhead. And as for that scar or birthmark on his back, could he be the son of the family who bunked over at Henry and Lucille’s home? Is Marty from Arcadia? So how did you enjoy the season finale of ‘Resurrection?’