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‘Resurrection’ recap: ‘The Returned’ Lazarus(es) get up

Resurrection The Returned
Resurrection The Returned
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Resurrection 'The Returned'


The new fantasy drama series premiered March 9, 2014 and opened up with a small boy who wakes up soaking wet in a soggy rice paddy field somewhere in China. By the time he reaches a cluster of villagers, the child is bone dry.

Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps) is tasked with taking the child who we now know is Jacob Langston, back home to his parents in Arcadia, Missouri despite resistance from Jacob’s uncle, the town sheriff. The sheriff, by the way, is obviously a bitter man who spells trouble. The other problem is the boy has been dead for 32 years.

Jacob’s return is shock to his elderly parents to say the least and it seems the poor thing is prone to having some type of seizures. So Jacobs gets hospitalized. Upon meeting his new doctor, he is immediately reminded of how much she looks like his aunt Barbara. She should. She’s Barbara’s kid, Dr. Maggie Langston, making her and Jacob first cousins.

Everyone knows except Jacob, that Jacob drowned 32 years ago. Folks have always thought Barbara drowned trying to save him when in fact he drowned trying to save her. In recalling his story, Jacob also remembers seeing Barbara in her baby carriage and a strange man on that fateful day.

As a credit to his talent, Landon Gimenez is actually pretty sweet and adorable as Jacob Langston and he also creeps you out a little bit with all that Memorex energy going on especially when he talks to his best friend Preacher Tom who is all grown up now. Tom is freaked out of course.

Jacob flees the hospital to go home and just like a page straight out of ‘Poltergeist II,’ a strange man is ambling up the sidewalk humming and staring creepily at him. Jacob’s dad and a cop arrive just in the nick of time (or so we are led to believe).

We later learn this mystery man Jacob remembered seeing on the day he drowned was having an affair with Barbara. For shame…for shame. Barbara was married to the sheriff so it might fun to find out exactly what is behind all this bitterness he so richly exudes. And it also turns out that humming creepy guy is Maggie’s best friend’s dad and guess what? He’s dead too.

So what did you think of ‘Resurrection?’ Will you tune in next week? From the look of the previews, Jacob does get a new shirt. That’s good news. Hey come on. The kid was wearing the same shirt and pair of jeans for the past 32 years.

Catch ‘Resurrection’ starring Matt Craven, Omar Epps and Frances Fisher on Sundays at 9:00 PM on ABC.