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‘Resurrection’ Recap: ‘Schemes of the devil’ shock for the saints




Pastor Tom is frantic. Rachel is missing. Marty suggests using Jacob to see if he can sense her whereabouts since he is “the returned” whisperer. Jacob is enjoying a day in the park after finally meeting a young friend who is willing to play with him. You can tell something is up with that because the little girl “looks out of place.”

Rachel is being held captive by three village idiots, one of whom (Gary) likes to misuse scriptures and throw back swigs of alcohol. The other two bumbling misfits (one is a cop named Carl) eventually leave, convinced Rachel does not know what happened with Caleb. She is frightened and should be so. Gary is looking crazed, but poised for a not-so bright future in prison.

While Maggie and her friend Eric continue to do a little research on their own, Carl saunters into the cop shop, but Sheriff Fred, who is no dummy, hems him up in the locker room demanding to know what he’s done. Marty and Tom visit Gary’s wife who informs them that Gary has started drinking again. She also mentions he has a cabin.

Jacob claims he doesn’t have a clue about where Rachel is or even remembers her from school. She was his classmate of his just like Pastor Tom. But Jacocb can’t or won’t remember because he is highly distracted right now. The boy is adamant about going back to the park to be with his newly found friend and some time later, he sneaks out of the house to do just that.

In the cabin, Gary approaches Rachel with a knife to see if she bleeds. Not knowing exactly what a “returned” is will do that to people. She does bleed. We know this because Gary accidentally knick her check after being startled by a knock on the door. It’s Sheriff Fred who knows Gary is inside because he can hear his size 13 clomping over the floor. The sheriff goes in uninvited, straight to the room where Rachel is being held hostage.

Gary foolishly draws a gun on Rachel and Fred declaring no one leaves until they know what she is. Give it a rest already, Gary. Without so much as a knock, Marty Bellamy walks in with his own gun. Behind him is Pastor Tom choosing a calm tone and soothing words for his weapon of choice. Rachel tries to either get the gun or push Gary aside. Either way, a small scuffle takes place and Rachel gets a bullet for her efforts. Yep, Gary has a not-so bright future in prison and Rachel is dead…again.

Jacob is gone and his parents race to the park in search of their strong-willed child, but all they find is his bicycle. Moments later, he surfaces with the little girl walking behind him and her parents just footsteps behind them. They have “returned” also. Judging from their period clothing, this would have been an easy guess.

Over at the sheriff’s office, a man wanders in not knowing the year or ever having seen a flat screen before. Sheriff Fred’s clerk, who had just finished complaining about dead folk (Jacob, Caleb and Rachel), receives a phone call that her sister has “returned.” She jumps up and leaves to go home. Not complaining now are you? Suddenly, the phones are ringing off the hook and now we all see dead people. What is going on here? Did someone charter a busload of “returns” and just dropped them off in the middle of town?

And guess else who is back? That’s right. Rachel. There is no more dying in heaven or Arcadia either apparently. What is interesting, with the exception of Rachel, is that these other returns are dressed like a blast from the past 50 or 60 years ago. These folks have been Rip Van Winkling it for a very long time. Caleb was right when he warned, “More are coming.”

Well, since everyone else is getting surprise visits from the long gone and buried, Fred figures his cheating wife Barbara must be home. Maggie is on the same page, but is the only one waiting when a disappointed Fred comes home. However, Maggie goes one step further. She drops by a man’s house and asks if her mother is there. The man opens the door fully and there stands Barbara, reunited with her former lover instead of with her family.

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