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‘Resurrection’ recap: ‘Insomnia’ and dead men walking




One thing for sure, Caleb Richards may be a jerk but he is not a pint short of a gallon of milk. He still knows how to con, but first…

Folks in Arcadia are not able to sleep on this particular night. Not Jacob. Not Pastor Tom. Not even Marty who goes to see Caleb in jail. Speaking of Marty, he and Sheriff Fred Langston still have this cute Crockett & Tubbs thing going. Their current mission is to stop the feds from coming to town to investigate the recent bank robbery. The last thing folks in Arcadia need are a bunch of agents roaming around their zombie land and discovering they have a serious grave rejection problem.

Local authorities are busy ransacking Elaine’s home looking for the stolen bank money and to top it all off, she gets fired from her job at the bank. Thanks a lot daddy Caleb. Tom told his wife that Rachel went to Tennessee. He either lied or there is a motel in Arcadia named Tennessee because that’s where she is really staying. It’s a good thing Tom dropped by to check on Rachel because she is feeling rather poorly.

Marty and the sheriff visit Caleb together and try to convince him to give up the location of the cash. He refuses but does insist on seeing his daughter. Okay, there is something creepy going on here. Marty is having flashbacks of a past case of his when he was on the police force. It haunts him and you will be haunted too by the eerie stare-down Caleb gives Marty. And since he’s in a good creepy mood, Caleb goes on to torture Sheriff Langston about his wife’s lack of faithfulness. But the crème de la crème comes when Marty and the sheriff begin to leave. That’s when Caleb shouts out “more are coming!” Oh no.

Maggie gets a phone call from Tom to meet him and Rachel at her office.

Henry has a heartbreaking meltdown in the basement as he finally grieves the loss of his son Jacob all those many years ago.

Elaine visits daddy dearest Caleb and gives him a good piece of her angry mind while Marty and the sheriff listen in. They also figure Caleb tried to give her a message by mentioning their times in the park.

Maggie exams Rachel and when the results come back, she slowly informs Rachel she’s pregnant. What? Wait. Rachel has been dead for 12 years. So does this mean she is carrying a pre-teen in her uterus?

Clever convict Caleb. While the sheriff has his men searching the park for the missing cash, Elaine has figured out what Caleb was trying to tell her after she stumbled upon an old photo of them in the park. Caleb hid a letter behind the photo. The money is not in the park. Remember all that endless banging Caleb did on the front porch in the previous episode? He was burying the cash underneath the porch. Elaine happily turns over the ill-gotten gain to Marty.

Caleb is in his cell practically coughing up his lungs. He looks like he has the plague. Something is wrong, but he’s not too sick to offer Marty a revelation about the little boy from that past haunting case. Now, how would he know anything about that? Oh right, Caleb sees dead people. After Marty steps away to get a drink of water for Caleb’s hacking cough, he turns around to find Caleb, the ghost whisperer, gone. Vanished. Poof. Gone in 60 seconds.

Suddenly, Marty recalls a dream Jacob had and fears he may have disappeared also. He rushes over to the Langston house. Jacob is home safe and sound, but he guesses Caleb is gone. What does it all mean?

Watch ‘Resurrection’ on Sundays at 9:00 PM on ABC.

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