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‘Resurrection’ recap: ‘Home’ some folk can never go back




Last week, Caleb said there is no life or death, only this. Well, what in the ham is this? You live. You die and then you disappear? Whatever “this” is, it has Sheriff Fred Langston pressing the video replay button like it was a candy dispenser and his penny is stuck.

Maggie calls in reinforcement. Her friend Eric, who works for the NIH may be able to help solve their zombie problem. Being that the guy works for a government agency, Marty doesn’t trust him even though he’s a federal employee himself. Or is he? It’s hard to tell these days if he still has his job or contracting on his own.

Eric breezes into town and already suspects there is some cloning going on. Using some weird sort of math formula, he also believes they can predict where the next “returned” will return. He’s such a boy wonder.

Rachel tells Tom she’s pregnant. Tom tells his wife, Janine, Rachel is pregnant. Janine, who has been trying to get pregnant for three years, nearly has a baby after hearing this distressing news. She has been trying for three years and some dead woman comes back carrying her baby for twelve! Life is definitely not fair for folks in Arcadia especially when they have people like Gary and Helen living in their midst. More those two nuisances later.

Eric meets Jacob and wants to take him back to Bethesda for further studying (i.e. testing, studying and probably some cold steel probing). Marty quietly objects to the notion. He knows this means turning Jacob into a lab rat.

Town crier, Helen, goes prying into Pastor Tom and Janine’s personal business. Feeling vulnerable, Janine makes the mistake of divulging. Can’t you feel your own blood pressure rising? The sneak.

The sheriff attends a card game where host Paul slyly shows him his arsenal collection room hidden in the basement. Paul does this because, you know, when the time comes Sheriff Langston needs extra help from the Calvary, Paul will be seriously armed and ready.

Hateful Helen strikes again. Doggone it! This woman lives to cause misery (and win an Emmy for her role). This time with her newfound knowledge she approaches Rachel with a stern warning to leave Tom and the town. She then goes to the town’s unusually packed out church to spread her venom and discord. The serpent does indeed seek out who to kill, steal and destroy.

But first, a disturbing word and scene from Gary who gets practically everyone riled up and starts a fight. Helen announces that Tom is about to be a father and does not want him to be her pastor and marches out. A few of the misguided flock follow her. Apparently, these are the sheep that don’t know the shepherd’s voice anyway so let ‘em go. Thankfully, Marty showed up with his calming attributes, otherwise the town folk might have burned Jacob at the stake.

Gary and some flunky deputy sheriff trick Rachel into getting inside a patrol car and drive her to a secluded cabin in the woods. It looks like some of the villagers have got their torches lit and are ready to burn down the houses of Frankenstein.

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